Best Bathroom Trash Cans of 2021

Are you looking for the best bathroom trash can for your home? If so, keep reading and find out how this post can make it easy for you to find the best bathroom trash cans.

The same way with other products, you like to ensure that you are getting the best bathroom trash can. However, with a variety of bathroom trash cans available on the market, the selection process can be a bit tough. We recommend that you should consider product reviews as you may earn additional knowledge about the buying process.

Mind that there are some trash cans that do better in specific purpose compared to others. Good thing, we prepare you a thorough and unbiased review of top bathroom trash cans today. We also provide a buying guide and frequently asked questions section.

Let’s get started!

Key Points When Choosing the Best Bathroom Trash Can

A trash can for your bathroom or kitchen space is worth the investment as you use it daily. It is a little, simple item at home. However, picking one in material, size, and purpose that match your needs and lifestyle creates a meaningful difference.

You may find small or big trash cans, or square or round ones. That’s not all. There are also color options. Having plenty of options is not a bad thing, but it can get you confused.

In a nutshell, trash is one of the simplest items at home. Whether it is wide or slender, short or long, red or blue, it is where you store your trash. However, that does not necessarily mean that you will not the selection process seriously.


When compared to those in the kitchen, trash cans for the bathroom are smaller. The average size of a bathroom trash cans holds up to 2.5 gallons. Don’t worry, smaller or larger versions are available as well. If one or two people use the bathroom, a large bin is a good choice. However, if only one person takes the trash out regularly, small bathroom trash cans will do.


Depending on your preference, as well as the purpose of buying a trash bin, you can choose from a variety of shapes.

  • Round

With the classic look, you can easily set round trashcan anywhere in the bathroom, kitchen, or cabinet. While this shape is the most generalized one, it rarely fits into a corner. Besides, it leaves no space around.

  • Rectangular

If you are looking for a bin that allows you to use most of the bathroom or kitchen space around, rectangular ones are a great option. Most modern bathrooms welcome this shape as it adds elegance to the decor.

  • Slim

When it comes to tight corners or a small bathroom, a regular-shaped bin is not the most suitable option for handling its trashes. Besides, small spaces cannot afford to have a bin with a lid. For not so frequent spills and wastes, a slim-shaped trash bin is what you are looking for.


Stainless steel trash cans may last a long time because of the material’s durability. Plastic bins, though, are known for their affordability and lightweight. For a spa-like vibe, you can pick the one with wood material.

  • Plastic

The low price tag is one of the reasons why plastic trashcans are popular. You can choose from different colors, making it easy to match a bin to the overall look of your bathroom, cabinet, or kitchen. While these plastic trash cans are lightweight and offer great mobility as well, children and pets spill them off more often.

On the bright side, these trash bins come with a lid that is tight enough to prevent odor from coming out. Just make sure to choose the ones that feature a metallic foot pedal.

  • Stainless Steel

Ideally, a metallic trashcan is ideal for every bathroom. Stainless steel bins are one of the best options and affluent as well. You need to ensure that the bin’s inner wall is well-coated to prevent rusting, especially if your trashes contains liquid.

Since they are steadier and heavier, they keep pets away more effectively. They also offer smart and sleek finishes.


It’s interesting that some trash bins come with an easy to pull out inner bucket to make emptying a lot easier. What’s more, this bin is your eco-friendly option since you can use it even without a bag.

Most trash cans come in semi-round and round shape. However, you may also find rectangular bins that offer a better for slim bathroom, kitchen, or cabinet areas. When you pick trash bins with lids, you can prevent unpleasant odors from permeating the entire bathroom. Those trash cans without lids are ideal for use under the sink and for people who do not like any barrier when tossing something as well.


Checking the trashcan’s joining areas as well as the weakest points is important when buying one. While touchless bins do not come in contact with physical forces more often, the technical difficulties are not too low.

If you are looking for the best and sturdiest trashcan, stainless steel is a good option. On the other hand, if rust is the issue, high graded bins are a better choice. Besides, they do not change shape as well as are a lighter option.

Hinged Lids

When it comes to trashcans with lids, the hand-lifted option has the simplest mechanism. These bins perform well unless trashes pile up high. So, make sure to have a constant check.

Removable Bucket

If you like to keep the best trashcan from your eyesight, getting the one with a removable bucket is the best solution. This feature does not require you to move the entire bin every time you need to clean it.

However, a removable bucket makes the whole unit heavy. If you are looking for a light and simple trashcan, go for the ones with no extra bucket.

Upper Lid

Wastes from the bathroom are stinky. So, a bin with no lid is the best option. However, if the wastes are composed of dry items, and you change the trash bags more often, an open-top wastebasket may be a nice choice for you.

Pedal-driven or Step-on Lid

A foot pedal at the bases is one of the best and most remarkable additions to a trashcan. Just step on it, and your trashcan is ready to engulf.

If you keep the foot pedal busy the most regardless of its body material, the stepping foot pedal must be made from the toughest material. You can pick thicker plastic. As for the hinge, ensure that it is extra elastic alongside smooth locking. However, some users complain about the gap that plastic lids leave overtime.

Our Top Picks

Trash cans are among the essential items in every bathroom. Without them, your bathroom may be an eyesore and an unhealthy place to go. So, having the best bathroom trash is a great investment if you are serious about keeping your space clean, fresh, and healthy.

If you are still unsure of which trash can buy, below are our best picks.

1. iDesign Pail Metal Wastebasket

Are you considering small trash garbage can with a unique shape and design? If yes, then iDesign Pail Metal Wastebasket is perfect for you. You can pick from different color options, like black, white, ivory, and light blue, to match your bathroom decor.

This small round waste can add a classic charm and distinct vibe to any bathroom or cabinet. You can count on its sturdiness. With the wooden handle, carrying this small trash can is comfortable and easy. Plus, this best trashcan can easily match your bathroom fixtures and decor.

Constructed using durable steel, you can expect years of quality use. We find the base sturdy, so rest assured that the waste will stay in place and upright. This top picks small trash can holds up to 3.3 gallons.

Apart from the bathroom area, this best wastebasket is also perfect for bedrooms, office, cabinet, and kitchen.


It can fit any space at home, thanks to its compact size. This small trash can measures 10.75 x 10.75 x 10.5 inches, which makes it easy for you to fit it in any corner of your bathroom.

With its rustic vintage lettering, your bathroom and cabinet become more elegant. The wide base is reliable in preventing the small trash can from slipping or tipping over a wet floor.

  • Sturdy, wide base
  • Ideal for bathroom, office, kitchen, cabinet, and other spaces
  • Stylish and durable
  • Wooden handle for a comfortable grip
  • Compact size
  • Holds up to 3.3 gallons
  • Metal construction


  • Some users complain about removing the sticker and its residue.

2. Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can

Do you prefer having a trash can in your bathroom that can hold up to 20 gallons? If yes, Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can matches your requirement. This best trash can fit 50% more wastes compared to standard options that can only hold a maximum of 13 gallons capacity.

Having a large family means you also need a bathroom trash can that helps in keeping your living environment organized and healthy. This rectangular trash can comes with Clorox odor protection. This hands-free trash can provides dependable protection of the lid and its frame by preventing odor-causing bacteria growth.

This best trash can is designed with a rear bag compartment. This rectangular trash can’s feature offers a convenient storing of extra bags that are located behind the can. So, you can dispense easily without the need to move the rectangular trash can.

Another interesting feature of this hands-free can is the bag rings. This feature will help you keep the bag slack tucked in and then keep the bag in place and secure. In other words, you will not see excess bag out of the can. Not only that, the bag rings can prevent the bag from falling in. This rectangular can is also fingerprint resistant, which can keep the stainless steel flawlessly looking.

With Glad Stainless Steel Step Trash Can, no need for you to get stressed when taking our large and bulk trash from the can. Additionally, this rectangular step-style trash can offers a quiet and convenient operation alongside a controlled closure.


  • The 20-gallon size that fits 50% more trash
  • Simple and classy design
  • Ideal for large indoor trash bag in the US
  • Clorox antibacterial lid protection
  • Rear bag compartment
  • Easily dispense trash bags from the sides.
  • Bag rings that secure and keep a trash bag in place
  • No excess trash bag out of the can
  • Quiet and convenient step operation
  • Resistance to fingerprints
  • 5-year limited warranty


  • Sometimes the inner lid does not stay in an upright position when changing a bag.

3. Umbra Woodrow 2 Gallon Wooden Trash Can

Are you considering a small trash can with 2 gallons capacity and wooden material? Then, you may consider getting the Umbra Woodrow 2 Gallon Wooden Trash Can for your bathroom. This small trashcan offers an aesthetically pleasing look. This may be perfect for you if you like a neat and elegant design.

You can have a good-looking can that can place anywhere, thanks to its round shape and treated wood’s natural-looking texture. With its 2 gallons capacity, it’s a lot easier for you to fit the can into small spaces. This small trash can hold a fair amount of bathroom or kitchen trash.

Mind that there’s no removable inner bucket or pull-out lid for this can. However, this open-top trashcan comes with a built-in handle for convenient transport and garbage disposal. You can choose from eight finishes, like espresso, black, charcoal, natural, blush, coral pink, gray, and spruce.

When you are remodeling your bathroom and love a wastebasket that can complement any color, this one is an excellent choice. While this small open-top trash can offers a simple, classy look, the can work well in any room. It might be a bit taller compared to others, but you will appreciate the added height when you placed it between the vanity and bowl.

Unlike other wood-looking cans that are plastic bucket with outer wood veneer, this small trash can is made from lightweight wood. So, you can achieve the wood texture you like from an open-top can. While it is small in size, finding trash bags that can fit it is not difficult.

Overall, we recommend Umbra Woodrow 2 Gallon Wooden Trash Can to those who like a trashcan with a wooden design and material. This small trash can has an excellent quality, classy style, and smooth surface. You also have no trouble fitting this small trash can in any room.


  • Ideal for bathroom, office, and other home spaces
  • Variety of color options
  • Smooth texture
  • Clean and classy design
  • Made of high quality treated wood
  • Integrated handle to ensure easy transport and waste disposal
  • 2 gallons capacity, perfect for stowing or recycling the trash in small spaces
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Not for spaces where you are chucking large items

Alternative Trash Can Option

While there are plenty of best trash can options on the market that can make you confused, the bright side of it is that you can find a specific can that will match your requirements and lifestyle.

So, we also provide you an alternative option. Aside from the above options, which are all high quality and reliable in keeping your living environment organized and neat, you may also consider the product below.

Simplehuman Semi-Round Step Trash Can

If you are love a soft close trash can with a combination of semi-round shape and stainless steel material, Simplehuman fingerprint-proof step trash can is a great option.

With its compact size, the Simplehuman fingerprint-proof wastebasket fits neatly in your bathroom corners. This simplehuman can comes with a finish that resists fingerprints. You can choose from simplehuman different color options, like black, brass stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, polished, rose gold, and white steel.

After you stepped on the sturdy metal, the lid opens easily. You can even close the lid silently. While you can utilize the generic trash bags or not at all because of the convenient removable inner bucket, using simplehuman custom fit liners is possible for a seamless fit. We love that the trash bags do not leak or tear.

Simplehuman Step Trash Can is also known for its fingerprint-proof coating. This means the stainless steel has resistance to fingerprints. This resistance to fingerprints also helps in keeping you can shiny and spotless.

When shopping for a step-on wastebasket with a firmly closing lid because of the pets fascinating with the contents of the ordinary can with no lid, Simplehuman wastebasket is a perfect solution. This 1.2-gallon compact step on trashcan offers excellent quality at a very reasonable price.

This simplehuman trashcan also features a removable inner bucket. You can pull out the entire inner bucket with ease and then dispose of the garbage. Another interesting thing about this simplehuman feature is that it requires only minimal maintenance. You can clean it easily in case the trash bags break out. Besides, the simplehuman inner bucket does a great job in preventing anything from falling into the can.

If you are not familiar or it is your first time using a simplehuman trash can, all of them use a custom liner bag. These bags have better quality and are much stronger compared to regular trash bags. On the other hand, they are pricier. While you can use a regular trash bag, you can get a better result from the custom ones.


  • Made from best materials and constructed using solid engineering
  • Lasts in a tough environment for years
  • Durable and extra-strong custom fit liners
  • Looks great for small spaces
  • Strong metal foot pedal
  • Easy and quiet opening and closing of a foot pedal
  • Finger-proof finish
  • Easy to pull out an inner bucket
  • Stylish design fits any bathroom accents and fixtures.


  • Tipping over too easily
  • The pedal could have been wider.
  • Unfortunate wobble

Frequently Asked Questions

For sure, there are other questions that come to your mind about buying the best bathroom or kitchen trash can. That is why we give you the following frequently asked questions together with the best possible answers.

Q: What size of trash can should I buy for my bathroom?

The size you will need for your bathroom corner may depend on how often you use it. If you have a small family, probably one to three members, a 2.5 gallon will do. However, if you have more members in the family, you may need a bigger can like 5 gallons.

Additionally, it is recommended not to buy large trash bins for the bathroom. That is because they need to be emptied more often compared to those in the kitchens, especially if you throw diapers and other such items in them.

Q: Which is better, plastic or stainless steel?

Many trashcans are made of either brushed stainless steel or plastic. For bathrooms, bins made of stainless steel are a better choice for few reasons. These trashcans are a bit heavier. Mind that most bathroom trash bins are pedal-operated. So, if they are too light, there’s a big chance that they tip forward once you pressed them. Additionally, stainless steel can looks great in any corner compared to plastic ones.

On the other hand, the best plastic trash cans never rust. These plastic options are also more affordable, which is why many homeowners prefer them.

Q: Is liner in a trashcan important?

If you want the best trashcan for your bathroom, you may like to use a garbage can with a liner. That is to make the cleaning process much quicker and easier. You may also find some options with a liner rim, which helps in holding the trash bag in place. As a result, you will the bag is not visible from the outside while adding a neat look.

As long as you know the size of your trashcan, replacing the liners is very easy. Be aware that there are few brands that have specific liners that match the can’s shape.

Q: What are the different types of trashcans?

You may find three types of trashcans according to the lid operating systems. These include touchless, swing lid, and step trash cans.

Aside from them, there are also voice-activated and tough trash cans. However, they are must costly to be used in your bathroom.

Q: Should I choose function over beauty?

While there is no rule saying that a trashcan cannot look great and improve the overall look of your bathroom, ensure that you will not make a mistake by choosing a can for its style instead of its function. When you see a garbage can with beautiful patterns, we recommend not to get overwhelmed by it. Do not forget to check its features and its resilience to abuse. If the can looks as if it will fall over the first time you place to waste on it, just leave it.

Q: Is it difficult to clean a trashcan?

No, cleaning a trashcan is a simple chore. With some cleaning items, you can keep your can clean and odor-free at all times.

Soap is one of the best cleaners for trashcans. However, if you want extra cleaning or it is particularly smelly, we recommend a homemade disinfectant. You will need one gallon of warm water, 3/4 cup of chlorine bleach, and one tablespoon of powdered laundry detergent.

In a bucket, mix the ingredients. After that, pour the solution into your trashcan. Let it sit for about fifteen minutes. Then, clean the sides of the can by using a long-handled scrub brush. Rinse thoroughly with water and drain the excess water by turning the bin upside down. Finally, let it air dry or use a towel to dry it.

Q: What are the opening mechanisms of trashcans with a lid?

Choosing a garbage can with a top lid means you need to deal with different opening mechanisms, depending on the species can you will pick.

Trashcans with a hinged lid will require you to lift them by hand. These cans may get messy quickly if the garbage is messy as well. As for the pedal-operated lid, they are more popular since all you need is to step on the pedal located on the can’s base, and then, the lid will open.

For a newer alternative, we recommend a motion-activated lid. In order for the lid to open and accept the trash, you need to wave your hand in front of the sensor. These trashcans are plugged into an outlet or powered by batteries.

Q: How much does a trash can for bathrooms cost?

On average, great quality trashcans cost between $30-$50. The price largely depends on the features, build, quality, and size of the particular trashcan. However, you may also find options on the market from $7 to $90 or even higher.


Bathroom trashcans may be a simple item at home, but their function in keeping your living environment healthy is highly essential. You may find plenty of options with different colors, features, prices, and sizes. The great thing is that when you know what your requirements are, you will find the best one. Plus, you may earn product discoveries. We hope you will love the products we introduced to you.