Best Bean Bags Chairs of 2021

After a stressful shift in the office, you want to relax, drink a cup of coffee, watch your favorite drama series, and sit on a comfy couch.  

But a hard piece of furniture can change your experience and affect your comfort. Investing in the best bean bag chairs is a smart decision you can make this 2021.

If you haven’t tried a bean bag chair before, you probably wonder if it is worth it. Is it of great value? How to choose the right product? What are the best bean bag chairs to take into account? You will know them all in this honest and thorough review. Let’s start!

Why Invest in and Use Bean Bag Chairs Today?

You have sofas and coaches in the living room and kid’s playroom. You have other comfy, stylish, and elegant pieces of furniture in every corner of your home.

So, is it a smart idea to invest in or purchase a bean bag lounger?

Most people in the US also have plenty of upholstery, but they buy bean bags without any hesitation. Here are what to expect from any type of bean bag chairs:

Great Flexibility

Some only used a beanbag to add and enhance aesthetic value in any room before. Things are different today. A bean bag lounger has different applications. It may serve as a pool float, pet bed, heating pad, camera stand, safety helmet, therapeutic device, and juggling balls.

Commonly, homeowners used bean bags to relax and sleep because of their great level of comfort. It is a cozy piece of furniture to sit on while watching movies at home, talking to family members, etc.

Kids also love the best bean bag chair because they can play on it without compromising their enjoyment and safety.


Another reason homeowners add bean bag chairs to their living room is that they are environmentally friendly. Compared to other pieces of furniture, they are made of a 100% safe, sustainable, and soft material. Some are packed with polyurethane foam while others are made with polystyrene beads.

Is polyurethane or polystyrene safe? Yes, both are eco-friendly. Polyurethane foam, for instance, is non-toxic.

It does not contain BPA and other chemicals that can pose any health risks. It breaks down over time.

Polystyrene beads are also a harmless material according to the US Centers for Disease Control and the US Environmental Protection Agency.


Kids are playful, curious, and super active, so a bean bag chair will be your best bet as a parent. Filled with shredded memory foam and double stitched, it is sturdy and built to last.

Your children can pick them up and play on them without getting broken and damaged. But a quality product like bean bag chairs from Aubliss, Big Joe, Sofa Sack, and Chill Sack is excellent.

Of course, you have the budget to buy new bean bags. But minimizing the risks of replacing your cozy chair is useful and money-saving in the long run.

Joint and Muscle Pain Relief

Your muscle and joints hurt when you stand all day in the office. The pain is more excruciating when you take the stairs to submit important documents, attend a conference meeting, or talk to clients.

When you go home, you want to sit on your couch right away or lie on your bed. While it relieves the pain, nothing can beat the best bean bag chair.  

Bean bags are filled with multiple materials. Shredded memory foam is one of the go-to choices for everyone because it conforms to the body effectively while providing postural support.

Sitting in a bean bag chair for an hour or more leads to relaxation. It alleviates shoulder/neck tension and reduces back pain, increasing your productivity.

If you spend lots of hours in front of a computer or laptop, bean bag chairs got your back. They are available in multiple sizes and shapes, allowing you to avoid any trouble during your selection or buying process.

Complete Spine Support

Because of the memory foam inside the bean bag, it will contour to your body whenever you sit in. Whether you are concerned with the pressure in your lower spine or buttocks, a beanbag is a perfect solution. Experts recommend this type of bean chair for pregnant women and nursing moms as well.


A couch is comfortable. But nothing can beat the level of comfort of bean bag chairs because they are made of special and sought-after memory foam technology that can best suit your expectations as a lounger.

Easy to Clean and Lightweight

Bean bags with non-removal covers take a lot of time and effort to clean. Products with a removable cover, on the contrary, are easy to keep in top shape. They are generally machine washed or cleaned by hand, making them more practical than other pieces of furniture in your living room or office.

Bean bags are also portable. Whether you want to play your video games or look after your kids on the patio, you can bring them whenever you want with comfort. While a couch is cozy, it would be a headache to carry them upstairs or in your backyard. Bean bags will be a lifesaver.

Bean Bag Chairs Buying Guide

Finally, you have decided to invest in bean bag chairs. But get ready because it is time-consuming to look for a product that exceeds your requirements and objectives.

As a beginner, the risk of choosing a low-quality bean bag is high. But if you know what to do, you can make decisions with confidence.

Some of the factors to consider are highlighted below:


Bean bag chairs come in a variety of materials, including vinyl, cotton, polyester, leather, and microsuede.

Vinyl is the most common material of bean bag chairs for a reason. It is cheap, easy to clean, and versatile. It is also available in a range of colors to fit in every decor in your office or home. However, it gets hot, uncomfortable, and sticky during the long summer season.

Cotton is another fantastic alternative because it is breathable and comfortable. Unfortunately, it is not stained resistant. It also absorbs liquids and takes days to dry, which can be inconvenient. It is not a suitable fabric for those who have kids and pets.

Polyester bean bag chairs, on the other hand, look cheap. But the material can compete with the rest because it is economical and durable. Polyester also varies in price. Instead of taking advantage of the cheapest options, be willing to spend more to enjoy a stain-resistant, water-repellent, and mold-resistant bean bag.

It is all right when polyester bean bag chairs cost you an arm or a leg in the first place. Its innovative features make your effort worth it.

If you’re searching for a stylish or durable option, leather bean bag chairs should be on top of your list. It is aesthetically stunning and can enhance the curb appeal of your room, thanks to its range of bright colors. Unlike polyester, it is more expensive, so it is not a perfect option for those who are on a tight budget.

Another material you can consider is microsuede. What sets it apart from the rest is that it has an appealing texture. It is relatively comfortable and soft. But just like cotton, it cannot withstand stubborn stains. If it gets spills, wash it as soon as possible.


The filling of bean bag chairs has different varieties, including high-density beads and compressed foam.

Commonly, bag chairs are packed with the expanded polystyrene bead (EPS). Aside from its affordable price, EPS can retain its form even after heavy or long-term use. It is lightweight. It can resist heat and moisture.

Although it is non-biodegradable, recycling or reusing EPS is possible. You can use it as a soil filler in your potted plants.

Some manufacturers and companies of bean bag chairs also utilize the expanded polypropylene foam (EEP). Compared to the EPS, EEP is stronger and can resist crushing more effectively.

One of its drawbacks is that it is quite heavy and firmer, meaning it is less comfortable and hard to move.

Recently, memory foam has been introduced into the market. Although this type of foam filling is new, it has gained immense popularity.

A good example of memory foam is polyurethane. What makes it different from others is that it responds to warmth, conforms to the shape of your body, and offers support to your neck/back.


When selecting bean bag chairs, you will be quite overwhelmed with the available shapes.

The standard design is a round bean bag. Although it may not the perfect option for your living room, it is flexible and can be used in other spots of your home.

Square bean bag is more similar to your regular chair. But it provides more support for adults. Other options include long, gaming, and novelty bean bag chairs.

Top 4 Best Bean Bag Chairs

Aubliss Stuffed Animal Storage Bean Bag Chair

Searching for a birthday present for your kids? Don’t look further than Aubliss stuffed animal storage bean bag chair. Its design is stylish and attractive that children cannot resist.

But how about its quality? Well, Aubliss is popular for its innovative, top-grade, and feature-packed products since its establishment. The stuffed animal storage bean bag chair, for example, is sturdy and long-lasting, making it one of the company’s bestsellers.

Made of durable cotton canvas, the bag chair bin has reinforced double seams, increasing its durability. Filled with cotton and other special materials, it can withstand the test of time without compromising its performance and high-quality features.

Beanbag is developed to level up your comfort at home. But not all options are comfortable. Aubliss’s stuffed animal storage bean bag chair, on the other hand, is different. More than the quality, the company also strives to take the level of comfort in their products to the next level.

People love the beanbag because it is easy to clean and maintain. Perfect for those who have a busy schedule, the bag chair only requires less maintenance. If you have been using something difficult to wash, this item from Aubliss is a good replacement you shouldn’t miss.

Aubliss bean bag chair is versatile. Your kids can play on it safely. They can sleep and eat on it. It is a complete package that you can recommend to your close friends, relatives, and colleagues.

One of the major concerns of parents is how to organize their kids’ toys after playtime. Say bye to the hassles with this bean bag chair.

If you don’t have enough animals to fill in the bean bag chair, you can put in towels, blankets, etc.


It is easy to fit a maximum of 100 plush toys in the bag.

It is space-saving and can keep your living room clean.

Designed with the client’s satisfaction in mind.

It is durable and made for kids.

A multi-purpose bean bag chair.

Available at a reasonable price.

It is a super comfortable bean bag.  

Easy to move.

A double-stitched bag chair bean.

One of the best products to try.

It may be big enough for your kids.

The item’s weight is around 1.74 pounds.

You can fill other soft materials aside from stuffed toys.


It doesn’t smell good especially when brand new. But it would fade and change after some time. So there are no worries.

It is not extra-large.

Big Joe Fog XL Fuf Foam Filled Bean Bag Chair

Big Joe is a company reputed for its high quality, relatively priced, and expert-recommended products. Its bean bag chair is one of the go-to and top favorites for a diverse market.

What makes it popular over the rest is its super cozy fun foam. It won’t go flat even after months or years of use. There’s also no need to have the bean bag chair refilled.

After a long week of overwhelming shifts in the office, you deserve to unwind. You probably want to spend the whole weekend binge-watching your favorite horror or action movies. Perhaps, you like to spend quality time with your partner. Level up your comfort with a Big Joe bean bag. It is a cozy and perfect place to rest and relax.

Compared to other beanbags, it is covered in premium Lenox fabric. Big Joe makes sure to use premium quality and 100% authentic fabric to meet and exceed every client’s requirements and expectations. If you have been searching for something made of Lenox textile, your long wait is over with Big Joe Bean Bag.

Another thing that people love about the product is its removable cover. It is also machine washable. Taking the cover will only take a few seconds or less, which can save you time and help you do other chores without too many interruptions.

The Big Joe bean bag chair has built-in handles that allow you to carry or transfer it from a place to another. The handles won’t get easily damaged. They are built to last.

The design, on the other hand, is of premium quality. Although it is simple, it can blend into your home interior well.  


It has good size and perfect for sharing.

A versatile option. You can use it to take a nap, read, or catch up on your favorite movies.

A bean bag chair with a great level of comfort every lounger deserves.

Designed in a Zero landfill certified and advanced facility.

It comes with a competitive and fair price you can afford.

Filled with shredded memory foam.

Easy to move around because of the built-in handles.

Available on Amazon com.

The size is extra-large, making it the best solution for a lounger with a big family.


It is not as aesthetically stunning as the other products on this list, but its features are unmatched.

Its weight is 60.2 pounds, which is quite heavy for a kid.

Sofa Sack Plush Ultra Soft Bean Bag Chair

Another best bean bag chair is this item from Sofa Sack. Made for kids, it is also suitable for teens and even adults. Like the other brands in today’s market, it is multi-purpose and flexible that you deserve.

Although it is not as big as its competitors, its size is good. It can support 2 toddlers, a parent, and a child, or 2 kids. That means you can look after your baby while expecting ample support and comfort to your back.

It is extremely portable. Its weight is only 52.9, making it easy to move. You can bring it to your living room, bedroom, and other spots in your house that you like.

The soft bean bag chair is developed to last, thanks to its top-grade memory foam blend. It does not only deliver more comfort but also lasts longer than expected. If you have been spending thousands of dollars on bean bag chairs, the company got you covered.

Its design is simple, but it is something you can be proud of because it is soft and of high quality. Your kids and teens will fall in love with it as time goes by.

Recognized as a perfect addition to the playroom and basement, Sofa Sack soft bean bag chair is also excellent for your child’s bedroom and nursery. Available in a wide variety of colors and designs, this best bean bag can easily blend into the interior of any room at home.

One of the leading micro cushions, Sofa Sack soft bean bag chair is comfortable and won’t be a disappointment on your part. Visit the official website of the manufacturer or go to Amazon com.


It can level up student dorm rooms, teen bedrooms, and more.

It is a lighter choice for a lounger and home recliners.

Easily accessible and available at a good rate.

It is suitable for reading, game nights, and other activities at home.

Instead of beads, it is filled with shredded foam technology.

With its shredded foam, it has a body-contouring feel while giving your comfort a boost.

It is double-stitched, increasing its durability and longevity.

It is fun and stylish to use every lounger would love or enjoy.

It’s 5 feet in size.


Many people find it small, but the quality is superb.

Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair

Probably, you have tried searching for the best bean bag chair. Perhaps, you have heard Chill Sack bean bag and your friends keep recommending the product.

But is it a great choice? Well, the Chill Sack bean bag chair has been creating a buzz because of its best features.

The material used is microsuede. Like the microfiber, ultrafur, and pebble, this material is extremely durable, making it the best-selling fabric of the company.

Apart from the durability, microsuede is breathable, comfortable, moisture-resistant, and machine washable. Although you sit on it for hours, it will support your back the way you expect.

Many people are afraid of using bean bags because of extensive cleaning. But Chill Sack bean bag chair is far different. Cleaning this machine-washable bean bag is easy. It is also double stitched for extra durability and peace of mind.

Like the product from Big Joe and Aubliss, this bean bag is filled with shredded memory foam. Compared to others, it is heavy-duty and can stay in top shape even after long-term use.

The texture of the cover is comfortable and super soft, which has a great similarity with velvet. It can keep you warm during the long cold season.

Filled with the right capacity, the Chill Sack bean bag chair is neither overstuffed nor lacking in foam filling. When you sit in the chair, it conforms to the shape of your body while providing back support.

When it comes to design, it has a casual look. But don’t be disappointed because it still looks velvety sleek. Its material makes it easy to set up in the bedroom or even the living room.

Since it has a casual design and style, it can match up with your kids’ game room easily without distractions and other problems.

Chill Sack aims to deliver the best bean bag chairs for its valued clients. The company strives to develop and provide an individualized product line its customers deserve. But if you are not satisfied with the services, the microsuede/luxury bean bag chair comes with a 3-year warranty, covering defects of the cover and the bean bag itself. Go to amazon. com to make a purchase.


The Chill Sack bean bag chair comes in a wide variety of designs and colors.

Recommended for all ages, ranging from kids, teens to adults.

It is safe for children, but parental supervision should not be overlooked.

There are price ranges to choose from.

The cover is removable and machine washable.

It is a 5-foot comfortable bean bag.

An incredible choice for a lounger who wants a bean bag chair in a small size.


The shredded memory has a strong chemical smell, but it would fade after some time.

It is dense and heavy, making the assembly difficult.

it is not made of polystyrene beads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you choose a stain-resistant bean bag chair?

A stain-resistant bean bag chair is one of the favorites of many because there’s no stubborn dirt to get rid of when your kids spill their food on it. Instead of washing or cleaning your bean bag’s cover, you can finish your paper works ahead of time.

What are the other alternatives to try aside from Aubliss and Big Joe?

The Moon Pod is a great alternative to take into consideration. The bean bag is well-engineered and cutting-edge. The Moon Pod has high-density beads that perform like Flotation Therapy. It prides itself on a supportive dual membrane that responds to any body movement and shapes well. Plus, Moon Pod provides ergonomic support and a sleek profile. Visit amazon. com for more information.

Can adults use bean bag chairs?

Of course! Bean bag chairs are for everyone. There are large and stylish options that best suit your unique needs and requirements. You just have to do some research. Plus, you need to be patient and don’t take any shortcuts.

Do bean bag chairs have the right comfort for every lounger?

Yes, they are extremely cozy and recommended for lounger who suffers from back or neck pain. But not all bean bags have enough level of comfort. So, direct your attention to those with foam filler because it conforms to your body, relieving the stress on the body’s pressure points.

Is a bean bag chair safe?

Constructed for the kid’s safety, the bean bag chair does not pose any danger. It is BPA free and does not have any other toxic chemicals. From the outer cover to the foam full filling, everything is of the finest quality. So, there’s nothing to worry about.

Can you replace the outer cover of your bean bag chair?

Due to heavy or long-term use, the outer cover of your bean bag chair is prone to tough stains, and wear and tear. When the cover is a bit damaged or dull, get them replaced. While others choose the same design, you can try something different, stylish, and stunning.

Will, you ever need to refill your bean bag chair?

No. It is uncommon to refill the chair with new shredded memory foam. But if the need arises, it is better to consider a replacement. Although it is costlier than using memory foam, it is long-lasting, functional, and appealing.

How to clean a bean bag chair?

Well, it depends on your bean bag chair. If it has a machine washable cover, all you have to do is to presoak it in your washing machine for at least 5 minutes. Be sure to put a quality detergent or baking soda. then, wash it in cold water. Lastly, let it dry. For more than two hours, your bean bag will look brand new.

What are the basic sizes?

Bean bags come in multiple sizes. Small ones are under 30 inches in diameter. The medium beanbags measure around 54 inches in width. If you are a bit confused with the right size, don’t be afraid to seek assistance from your chosen customer representatives or close friends.

What’s Your Thought?

It is inconvenient to suffer from recurring back or neck pain because of extreme fatigue in the office. Surprise yourself with the best bean bag chair today. It is cozy and can reduce the stress on your joint and muscles. The bean bag chair can also take the style and value of your living room to the highest level.

So, what are you waiting for? Look for a bean bag from a trusted and reliable company. For more details, follow us on our social platforms.