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Top 3 Best Bird Feeders 2021

Seeing a bird feeding has a soothing effect on many, especially on bird lovers. Filling your garden or backyard with flying little wonders is perhaps the best outdoor activity for many people. And it is so simple to do it. All you need to do is to add a bird feeder to your outdoor decorations. These devices will attract wild birds and will bring the bird watching experience to your home.

In case you are not aware, there are many options on the market, and choosing the perfect bird feeder might be a daunting task. Apart from learning about different birds and their habits, you must look into the rodent problem – squirrels and their affinity for birdseed. Some technical awareness is also required as in some cases; you will have to install and maintain the feeders.

We reviewed some of the most popular bird feeders hoping that the information we provide will help you find the best bird feeder for your garden.

Best 9 Bird feeder reviews:

Birds-I-View from Nature Anywhere

Birds-I-View offered by Nature Anywhere is one of the best bird feeders you can buy. It makes the perfect gift for bird lovers as it targets some of the most beloved species: finch, blue jay, woodpeckers, or goldfinch.

The window bird feeder is made of 4 mm thick, premium acrylic and, it is built to last. Nature Anywhere offers a lifetime guarantee and will refund the money if you are not satisfied with the product. Although the item is a little pricey, it worth every penny.

This feeder comes with a sliding tray that holds two compartments for seeds. It is easy to clean and use – all you need to do is to slide the dispenser out and fill it. Four heavy-duty suction cups hold the bird feeder safe to the wall and far from the squirrel’s reach. It is virtually impossible for the small critters to climb on the glass walls of this birdhouse.

The birds-I-View feeder features an air ventilating system that prevents mold from forming in the tray. Also, there are no mirrors to agitate the birds. The glass roof protects the feeder from rain and water, making this feeder a nice refuge for little birds. It needs low maintenance, and it is easy to assemble, so both young and old will enjoy this product.

Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder, 1.3-pound Seed Capacity

Brome Squirrel Buster Standard Wild Bird Feeder boasts an innovative design that attracts birds and keeps the squirrels away. This feeder holds up to ¾ quarts of birdseed and attracts a variety of clinging and perching birds.

These squirrel proof bird feeders are made from metal and plastic, all parts being chew-proof, waterproof, rust-resistant, and UV stabilized. Featuring a patented seed ventilation system allows hot air and humidity to escape through the top vents of the feeder.

Feeder’s seed saver technology gives access to the birds but prevents squirrels and larger birds from stealing the seeds. Furthermore, the negative grip tube prevents the little furry marauders from grabbing the wire hanger and force their way down, bypassing the weight-activated mechanism.

This tube feeder can be placed almost anywhere. You need to make sure you allow at least 40 cm of clearance around the item. That way, the squirrels will not have access to seed ports from a nearby foothold. A metal pole is a good solution to the rodent issue.

However, bear in mind that chipmunks are lighter than regular squirrels, and their weight will not close the seed ports. Due to the detachable components, it is easy to clean and to fill. You can even toss these parts into the dishwasher.

Brome feeders do not require any tools for assembling. The adjustable spring mechanism allows you to control which size birds can feed on the Squirrels Buster feeder. It can be placed on tree branches or on a metal pole.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime guarantee and free service for life.

LUJII Window Bird Feeder 

The Lujii window bird feeder makes wild birds watching a pleasure. Featuring a beautiful design, the feeder is easy to install and to clean. The rounded corners make it safe for both birds and users.

This window feeder is made from integral molding environmental materials. It is hard to break, featuring anti-shock and anti-pressure properties. It will not break if it falls from windows or high places.

Cleaning the feeder is very easy as the tray has drain holes that will prevent mold from forming. The seeds will remain dry and tasty. And out of reach for the nasty squirrels.

The suction cups work perfectly, providing a good holding strength even in case of bad weather conditions. Lujii included two extra cups in the package, in case you lose any.

Some downsides of this product are related to the advertised size. It seems that the window feeder is smaller and, some birds’ lovers noticed that cardinals would not fit in this feeder. However, Lujii promises a full refund if you are not satisfied with this product.

Overall, this window feeder has a nice design, and it makes the perfect gift for those that love to watch the birds.

Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder, 5.1-pound Seed Capacity

Brome Store amazes its customers again by offering one of the best squirrel proof bird feeders on the market. Having a bigger seed capacity and a garden green color, the Brome feeder will attract different wild birds. The free cardinal ring included in the feeder’s design allures the Northern cardinals.

Made of polycarbonate and RoxResin, Buster feeder prevents the squirrels from stealing the bird seeds. The ventilation system keeps the seeds fresh and prevents mold from forming.

The adjustable spring mechanism allows you to select the bird size. You can also select the weight required to close access to the seeds. Squirrels and larger birds don’t stand a chance to the weight-activated system.

Remember to provide some clearance (at least 47 cm) around the item as this will force the squirrels to climb onto the feeder and trigger the closing mechanism. Placing it on a metal pole will also help to keep away the squirrels.

The feeder can be easily put together or dismantled without using tools. Its individual components are easy to clean and to maintain. In case some parts wear off, Brome will replace them, which is great. This company really stands behind their products.

A larger seed capacity means that you will not have to refill the feeder very often. Indeed, this is one of the best bird feeders available.

SAND MINE Panorama Bird Feeder

The SAND MINE Panorama bird feeder stands out due to its whimsical design and the large seed capacity (2.6 lb). This hexagons shaped feeder is made of heavy-duty plastic that makes it last for a long time.

Featuring a beautiful gazebo design, the feeder has an inclined roof that protects birds from rain and sun. The feeding tray with its circular perch lets them feed on all angles.

The bird feeder comes fully assembled. All you have to do it to hang it on a pole in your courtyard. It makes a perfect backyard bird feeder. The large capacity allows you to add many other types of seeds apart from sunflower seeds.

It will attract different wild bird species such as finches, bluebirds, starlings, and many other small birds. Doves are too big for this feeder, though. Nonetheless, they will try to use it.   

This panorama bird feeder has a twist-lock cover that keeps the lid closed, so squirrels don’t stand a chance. The clear plastic walls help you check if you need to refill the feeder.

Easy to refill and clean, this product is a great addition to your outdoor decorations.

Perky-Pet 339 Squirrel-Be-Gone Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet Squirrel-Be-Gone II Home Style bird feeder is a unique and attractive feeder that will look great in your courtyard or patio. Styled after a country house, this feeder has some design features that make it stand out.

The garden green finish of the feeder is completed with a metal roof, windows, and a door. Its large bird perch resembles a front porch, and the roof-style lid is topped with a chimney that locks the lid.

The bird feeder is made from powder-coated metal that provides rust resistance and durability. It will stand up to weather conditions and keep the hungry squirrels away.

You can hang this feeder anywhere in the garden or mount it on a pole. Bird watching is a pleasure, that’s for sure.

Easy to fill, this squirrel proof bird feeder will hold up to 8 lb capacity of sunflower seed, mixed seed, and many more varieties of seeds. It is recommended to clean the feeder every two weeks so you could prevent mold and fungi from forming.

As the name of the product shows, squirrels are invited to leave. The feeder’s weight-activated perch can be adjusted to support the weight of birds but no squirrels. If the furry thief climbs on the feeder, the feeding ports close off under the animal’s weight. Poor squirrels cannot even chew the metal frame, and the chimney lock prevents them from lifting the lid.

Perky-Pet Red Cardinal Bird Feeder

Perky-Pet Red Cardinal squirrel proof bird feeder attracts both perching and clinging birds. Best used for cardinals, finches, or chickadees, this feeder has a diamond-shaped wire mesh and circular seed tray that creates a 360-degrees feeding area for up to 15 small birds.

When speaking of durability, this is one of the best squirrel proof bird feeders. Featuring all-metal construction and a zinc-plated wire mesh, the feeder is rust-resistant and will resist critters’ damage.

The built-in drain holes will keep the seeds dry and will prevent mold from forming. Its large overhang shields the seed from rain and shades the birds when they feed.

Seed capacity of 2.5 lb allows you to fill the feeder with a good amount of black-oil sunflower seeds, safflower mix, or peanut pieces. The wide-mouth opening makes refilling very easy and mess-free.

The red cardinal bird feeder is an eye-catching addition to your garden decorations and a useful item for those who love bird watching. Give it a try, and the small wild birds will thank you for this choice.

Twinkle Star Wild Bird Feeder

Twinkle Star Wild tube feeder is a stylish lighthouse-shaped feeder that will look amazing in your garden.

Made from high-quality plastic, this feeder comes fully assembled and ready to hang. You don’t need to worry about putting together different components. Hanged or pole-mounted, the feeder will attract all the looks due to its antique copper finish.

This hanging bird feeder has a seed capacity of 1.9 lb, and it could be filled with peanuts pieces, black-oil sunflower seeds, or safflower seeds. Red finches, bluebirds, and many more will be happy. The wire metal mesh makes it easy to monitor the seed level and keeps the squirrels away.

Twinkle Star feeder has a twist lock cover that makes it easy to remove the top of the feeder and to refill the feeder. The manufacturer’s recommendation is to clean the feeder regularly with a mild disinfectant and water.

This feeder is a popular choice, and this is not surprising because Twinkle Star offers a full refund if you are not satisfied with the product.

Types of Bird Feeders

Birds’ feeding behavior differs by species, and some bird feeders tend to attract more of one species than another. Choosing the best type of bird feeder highly depends on what species you want to attract in your garden.

Let’s see the types of bird feeders available on the market.

Hopper Bird Feeders

Hopper or house bird feeders are enclosed feeders that feed the seeds at the bottom. They are designed to attract many bird species and can hold many pounds of seed. You don’t need to worry about refilling the feeder too often.

Some of the advantages of buying a hopper bird feeder are:

  • Protects the birdseed mix from rain and snow so the feeder can be used during winter.
  • Includes a large perching area for birds to feed on.
  • Holds a fair amount of mixed seed.

Of course, like any product, this type of bird feeder has some cons. It is more difficult to clean and maintain a hopper feeder than other types. However, when we think about watching birds, a hopper feeder comes to our mind. So all the effort worthwhile. If you decide to get only one bird feeder, this type is the one. Its design allows you to place it close to the house or on a metal pole in the middle of the garden.

You will find that bird watching is a real pleasure.

Birds attracted by the hopper feeders are house finches, northern cardinals, chickadees, red-winged blackbirds, jays, and many more.

Tube Bird Feeders

Tube feeders are hanging bird feeders that allow birds to feed through screens or ports. They often feature perches that attract perching birds. If you don’t want to attract larger birds, this type of feeder is the best choice. Jays will not stand a chance.

These tube feeders are squirrel proof provided they feature metal seed ports around the seed dispensers. You may also choose a model with perches designed for small birds that can feed upside down. Goldfinches will be very happy.

Tube feeders aim to attract a variety of birds such as finches, chickadees, redpolls, or pine siskins. Make sure you check the feeder for unused seeds that might rot and spoil the mix. These feeders are easy to clean and to maintain, so this isn’t a difficult task.

Thistle Bird Feeders

The thistle or nyjer feeder get their name from the nyjer seeds grown in Asia and Africa. These so-called “thistle” seeds have tiny holes that allow access to the small-beaked birds like finches.

The thistle feeders have small openings, or they don’t have perches at all. The birds must cling on wire mesh and feed. Also, the nyjer seeds are not appealing to all birds.

A downside of these feeders is the fact that they require cleaning after each rain as the bag-type design feeders get very wet. But, it worth spending time with, as the goldfinches, redpolls, pine siskins, and house finches will be very grateful.

If you decide on feeding birds with nyjer seeds, consider buying one of these thistle feeders. You can watch the birds feeding and flying around your backyard.

Platform Bird Feeders

Tray or platform feeders are the most basic feeders on the market. A tray that holds the seed mix and allows the birds to feed while standing. These feeders are easy to fill and clean. Their open construction allows you to see the birds from all sides and also makes the feathery friends feel safe when feeding.

You can place the platform feeder close to the ground to attract ground-feeding birds. However, bear in mind that these feeders are not squirrels proof. Other wild animals may feed on the platform feeders.

Another downside is that there is no protection against rain or snow. You will have to empty and clean the feeder after every rainy day. A possible solution is a platform feeder with a mesh bottom that allows the drainage of water and bird droppings.

The platform feeders attract pigeons, doves, juncos, jays, finches, sparrows, and many more.

Suet Bird Feeders

Suet feeders are an excellent addition to any backyard, especially during the cold winters. Suet is a type of high fat and protein mix that usually contains rendered fat mixed with grains and seeds. The suet cakes provide an energy boost to many birds, helping them to cope with low temperatures.

An important thing to notice and to keep in mind – the suet cakes can spoil in the hot sun, so make sure you check them from time to time. Don’t forget to clean the suet feeder.

These feeders hold the suet cakes and allow birds to feed through a wire mesh. A big challenge is to keep away the annoying squirrels and less desirable birds (like starlings).

There are some different types of suet feeders, each featuring a series of elements designed to keep away the bullies. You may choose from a variety of feeders like suet cages, suet logs, suet mesh bags, or open trays.

Suet based feeders require special attention when it comes to location. Feeders on poles complete with baffles are the best solution to keep away the squirrels. These feeders attract different wild birds like woodpeckers, bluejays, wrens, cardinals, starlings, or nuthatches.

Window Bird Feeders

Window feeders are plastic boxes that attach to windows with suction cups or hook to the windows sill. Easy to clean and fill, they provide a clear view of birds feeding.

These are the best bird feeders in terms of security. Being attached to the windows, they prevent the collision. These feeders are among the best squirrel proof bird feeders.

Because birds stand in the seed mix, make sure you replace the birdseed mix daily. Finches, sparrows, chickadees, and other small birds will enjoy the fresh birdseed.

Nectar Bird Feeders

If you want to attract hummingbirds and orioles to your backyard, buying a nectar feeder is a must. Apart from these small birds, other feathery creatures fancy the sweet nectar.

As for advice, if you want to make the nectar for the hummingbirds, avoid using honey as it contains bacteria that can harm the tiny birds.

Buying Guide

The type of feeder you want to add to your backyard decorations depends on a series of factors. Before buying one, you must consider the characteristics of your lawn or garden and some specific details. Here are the most essential things you have to consider:

Types of Birds

The best feeder is the one that attracts the species of birds from your area. It is pointless to get a nectar feeder if hummingbirds or orioles are not present in your region. Also, it is important to know the feeding habits of these birds. Make sure you research the birds in your area before perusing for feeders.  

Other Animals

Other wild creatures feed on the same food as the wild birds. Squirrels and other rodents might empty the feeders before the birds can get to them. Another important fact is that hawks and cats can stalk the feeders and chase the birds when they come to feed.

Luckily, there are many options available on the market that can help keep away both competitors and predators. Before buying a feeder, ensure you know what other animals it may attract. Usually, this information is easy to find, be it on the product or online. Another great way to check this out is by reading what other people have experienced.

Type of Food

We decided that is important to learn about the birds’ eating habits. Knowing what type of food appeals to them is important as well. The feeder type depends on the seed mix you want to use to attract the birds.

Seeds are a popular choice as there is no wild bird to say no to a black-oil sunflower seed. More exotic options like nyjer or safflower seeds will attract only specific species and will keep away the others. The seeds’ size is also important if you decide to get a feeder with drain holes – the holes must be small enough to prevent seeds from falling but big enough to allow water drainage.

Suet is another type of food that attracts birds. This is the perfect choice during the cold winter time as it will give a boost of energy to the birds. However, you will need to get a suet feeder.

If you decide to feed the birds nectar, make sure you get a nectar feeder.


Honestly, there is no 100% squirrels proof feeder. The little furry villains are very resourceful and smart when it comes to getting food.

The best squirrel proof bird feeder does not exist. However, there is a variety of options that might discourage these funny thieves.

A simple method to keep away the squirrels is to choose seeds that they do not like. Safflower and nyjer seeds are really disliked by these rodents.  But, hunger is the best chef, so you may need to search for alternative methods to keep them away.

This is where science comes to the rescue. Squirrels, like humans, can taste capsaicin (the spicy component of the chili peppers). Birds, on the other hand, don’t. Try to sprinkle some chili peppers powder on the seed mix before filling the feeder.

The easiest method to keep the squirrels away is to buy a squirrel proof feeder or install it on a metal pole. You can grease the feeder pole or add a squirrel baffle to it.

A more humane method is to get a squirrel feeder and place it at least 15 feet away from the bird feeder. Fill this squirrel feeder with acorns or corn, and you will see that the squirrels prefer these treats. Hopefully, this will help you deal with squirrels for a long period of time!


Which bird feeders are the best?

There are many companies on the market; however, some of the best known are Nature s Hangout, Perky-Pet, and Droll Yankees. Nature s Hangout window bird feeder and the Droll Yankees squirrel proof feeder are popular choices among amateur ornithologists.

It all depends on what specimens are living near you. Be sure to check out online opinions related to these products before purchasing them. Some of these mechanisms can attract other types of animals as well.

Where is the best place for a bird feeder?

In case you just get started with using bird feeders, the best option is to place it in an open area, visible to the flying birds. The good idea is to hang it on a metal pole and add a baffle to keep the squirrels away.

Which bird feeder attracts most birds?

Most avian friends will like a feeder that you fill with a variety of seeds. A seed tube feeder or a hopper feeder containing a seed mix is best as opposed to a specialized feeder like thistle or cardinal one. So this might be among the best options if you want to have many flying friends around!

Which type of feeders is best?

The most popular and useful feeder is the hopper type. It allows a wider variety of birds to perch and feed on a large amount of seed. This way, they won’t fight each other for the food, and all of them will enjoy it. Since this experience will be more pleasurable for them, you will also ensure that they will return regularly.

What kind of feeder do cardinals like?

Cardinals like the feeders with large perching areas, such as hopper or platform feeders. Many researchers have pointed out that these feeders are the best for cardinals. You can try and experiment with both variants to determine which is the best.

What are the best time and weather conditions to view birds feeding?

The best time to see birds using the feeders is early in the morning or late at dusk. Spotting them during the afternoons or on rainy days is more difficult. However, if it snows, sparrows and juncos will visit the feeders. Make sure you are at a good distance to not scare them away. Some birds tend to be a bit more cautious when they eat, while others might be a little more distracted by their little feast.

Are the birds going hungry if I forget to refill the feeder?

Our feathery friends are very adaptable and, if they find the feeder empty, they will fly to better places, like your neighbor’s house, or other nearby places.

However, during the cold winter days, you should be mindful that finches, chickadees, or sparrows rely on the supplements you offer to them. As such, it is best to maintain a schedule that won’t interfere too much with your other obligations, and refill the feeder regularly during this time of the year.

How long will it be before the birds find a new feeder?

It depends. If there are many feeders in the neighborhood, it might take a while until your avian friends will find the new feeder. House sparrows and titmice find food pretty quickly.  However, if you lack patience, you can try spreading some sunflower seeds on the surrounding ground.

Birds will ultimately choose a couple of spots which they will regularly visit, but alas, the first impression is the most important one. Make sure you get the right type of seeds and don’t scare them. It might be difficult to be patient the first time they visit, so remember to move gently if you wish to observe them.

Final Thoughts

Bird feeders come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Finding the perfect one might be difficult at the beginning. However, as any backyard birder knows, once you start attracting birds, you cannot stop. Although a bird feeder makes a great garden decoration, the flying colourful creatures are a thousand times better ornaments.

Who knew that the cute birdhouses come in so many styles and sizes? And who thought that birds are not the only creatures using the feeders? Well, when you hang a feeder in your garden, a brand new world opens in front of your eyes.

In our article, we reviewed some of the most popular feeders on the market and we spoke about different technicalities. Although we merely touched the topic’s surface, we hope the information we provided will help you choose the best bird feeder for your garden.