Best Chair Mats for 2021

Who doesn’t want a comfortable and stunning office? Everyone dreams of having a well-ventilated and attractive office. But how to make it happen.

Perhaps, you have chosen and installed the right furniture. Maybe, you have set up some lush, green, and colorful plants, giving your working space some accents. Maybe, you have installed the right light fixtures.

How about your floor? Many people would choose carpets. But there’s a better alternative than carpets. Chair mats are a popular option for office workers today. Individuals love how the product transforms the aesthetic value of their working space.

More than the curb appeal, the best chair mat has a design that can protect flooring from marks, scuffs, indentations, spills, and other extensive damages. Who wants to call a contractor to fix the floor over and over again? While there are various professionals to rely on, the services may be expensive. So, getting the best chair mat installed allows you to avoid unnecessary repair and save some cash.

Chair mats help you move within your workspace more easily than having thick carpets. You can collect any documents without too much trouble. You can also minimize the risks of getting leg strain and back pain which are common every time you roll your chair around the carpet.

But with the variety of options, what’s the best chair mat for hardwood floor surfaces? This review got you covered. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Why Invest in the Best Chair Mat?

Installing carpets won’t suffice to protect your hard floors from any damage. This is where the best chair mat for hardwood floors can play a significant role.

Aside from effective floor protection, here are the other benefits you can enjoy when using the best chair mat:

It is Easy and Convenient to Maneuver your Office Chair

When you work in the office or at home, you have many papers to finish in every drawer of your working cabinet, tables, and desk chairs.

Standing and locating these documents can be inconvenient and tedious. Using chair wheels is worth your investment.

But if you only have a hard floor, low pile carpet, or high pile carpet, you may be unable to move easily and freely without sliding. Installing chair mats, on the other hand, won’t give you a hard time.

You can maneuver office chairs as if nothing happens, leading to productivity and convenience as well.

Protect you From any Static Electricity

Modern carpets generate static electricity and experts believe it can cause data loss in your gadgets, including computers, laptops, and phones.

To protect yourself against static electricity from the carpeted floor, you can purchase a high end and durable chair mat. But not all products have a strong anti-static property. Read the specifications and other important detail before making a decision.

Minimize the Risks of RSI

Studies have shown that average workers move their chairs more than 300 times every day. Imagine if the hard floor only has pile carpets of any form (low pile carpet, medium pile carpet, and high pile carpet). It could be exhausting. Too much movement can lead to leg fatigue, muscle tension, back pain, and other severe injuries you don’t want to encounter.

Help You Multitask

Every day, you have different outputs to finish in your workplace, so every minute counts. But if you need to stand over and over again to get documents, you couldn’t maximize your time. If you use chair wheels, investing in a glass chair mat or any type of hard floor protective product is a fantastic option. It allows you to multitask and be productive at all times.

Ensure Optimal Safety

When building or upgrading your office, one of the important factors to consider is your safety. There are various ways to give your convenience a boost. You should install quality lighting units and functional HVAC systems.

Another thing to level up your safety is to use a desk chair and a mat. They go together perfectly. If you only employ a desk chair without mats, you cannot move the former without getting stuck on your carpeted floor.

Durable, Wheels-Resistant, and Long-Lasting

Whether it is a low pile carpet or a high pile carpet, it cannot resist too much traffic caused by chair wheels, cabinets, and foot.

Although it cannot protect the entire carpets from this problem, it can keep the spot under your computer table in top shape.

But can it withstand the desk chair? Yes, a chair mat for hardwood floors is well-engineered to resist your weight and everyday wear and tear.

Boost The Curb Appeal in Your Working Space

Mats come in compelling styles and designs that can add aesthetic value to your hardwood floors and office as a whole.

The most standard options are black or gray mats because they blend into any style of the indoor office environment. You can also try something new and the tempered glass chair mat is fantastic.

But don’t rely on the glass mat alone. You can also be creative with your curtains, picture frames, and other home decors. If making your home stylish is not your expertise, there are certified experts you can trust.

Chair Mat Buying Guide

The number of chair mats in the market has been on the rise for the past few years because of the high market demand.

For beginners, it will be stressful to choose a good quality desk chair mat. While the process can take a lot of time, it may also be confusing.

How to choose the right chair mats? How to pick the brand that is of great value? Below are a few factors to take into account:


It is extremely inconvenient to use a chair mat to pile carpets on your hard floors. Although you can request a replacement, the company won’t deliver the new product straight to your doorstep right away.

Before you add a chair mat to your car, it is vital to think about the type of flooring surface at home or in the office. There are four common floorings such as hard floors, low pile carpets, medium pile carpet, and high pile carpet.

Hard floors usually consist of clear vinyl, wood, linoleum, and tile. Low pile carpets measure around 1/4 inches thick. The medium pile carpet is 1/2 inches. High pile carpets are approximately 3/4.

If you have hard floors, opt for the relevant chair mat for your comfort and satisfaction.


Probably, you haven’t measured the size of your workspace yet. It’s time to look at it especially when you’re planning to use an office chair mat.

Chair mats are available in a variety of sizes. These are 36” x 48”, 45” X 53”, and 46” x 60”. If your workstation is small, chair mats in 36” x 48” are ideal. If your office is medium-sized, mats in 45” x 53” are excellent.

But avoid the guessing game. Measure the space under your desk chair once or twice for accuracy.


Another factor to consider when selecting the right mats is the shape. Like the size, mats are available in different shapes, including rectangular, square, rectangular with lip, contoured, XXL, and round.

For rectangular mats, they are suitable for any type of desk. For rectangular with lip mats, they are good for double pedestal desks.

For the square chair mats, they are excellent for compact office working space.

Contoured chair mats, on the other hand, are the right choice for those who have L-shaped and corner workstations. Round mats are also ideal for smaller offices.

Whether you have wide desks or want to move around a large area, XXL mats got you covered.


There’s no standard material in manufacturing or developing chair mats. Some are made of tempered glass while others are tailored with polycarbonate. A few mats are also designed with PVC and enhanced polymer.

A tempered glass chair mat is popular because it is crystal clear, incredibly strong, completely smooth, suitable for hard floors and carpets, and has unbeatable floor protection.

A PVC chair mat is another excellent alternative as it is 100% recyclable, anti-slip, anti-static, phthalate-free, and long-lasting. But it depends on the brand of your option.

An enhanced polymer chair mat, on the contrary, is also a good investment because it guarantees superior carpet protection and good strength for ergonomic/safe gliding. Similar to PVC chair mats, it is 100% recyclable and phthalate-free.

Since there are different materials to weigh in mind, the secret here is to choose the one that doesn’t have any toxic component. Also, it must be durable to prevent constant replacement from happening.


It is also important to know what you can afford. Good news. Mats are available at a variety of prices. But don’t stick to the cheapest options. Always invest in products with superb features.

Top 4 Best Office Chair Mats To Protect Your Floor

CQFLY Office Chair Mat – The Best Overall

Probably, you have done some research on the best chair mat. How is it? It’s confusing, right? Your long wait is finally over with this office chair mat from CQFLY.

Since its launch in the market, the CQFLY office chair mat has been gaining immense popularity. People love its flexible applications because it is ideal for tile and hardwood floors/surfaces. Whatever the type of flooring you have in your working space, this office chair mat will be your best bet.

Measuring around 36 x 48, the bestseller product from the company is spacious enough for your chair wheel. It is rectangular in shape, making it easy and convenient to use.

The durability is great because it is made of the finest and the highest quality of the material. Even after months of use, it would remain the office chair mat you used for the first time. It is sturdy, long-lasting, and can withstand the test of time.

CQFLY is a well-established company known for safe products and it is evident in this office mat. It is free of any toxic material, including PVC, phthalate, tin, and other metals, making it environmentally friendly.

Similar to other brands in the market, the CQFLY office chair mat is designed with an anti-slip coating. How does it work? Well, it is tailored to stay in place whether you’re moving your chair from different directions.

If you have been searching for a simple yet elegant design, this product is worth your cost and attention. Available in black, it can blend into your working space well. It can also help balance available elements in your office perfectly.


It is resistant to dirt and dust, making it easy to maintain and clean.

It is an excellent mat for hardwood surface/floor.

Can protect concrete, laminate, linoleum, and other types of flooring effectively.

Can be used underdog crates, computer desk, chairs, and more.

Able to protect your hardwood floor from scratches and other damages, giving you peace of mind.

It features easy storage.

It is eco-friendly because it is free of PVC, tin, and other metals.

The rectangular chair mat is slip-resistant.

Known for heavy-duty and excellent features that your floor deserves.

Made of the best material, including ethylene vinyl and polyethylene

A large design for your desk.

Developed to withstand your weight.


Only available in black.

It is not made for low pile carpet.

Only ideal for the hardwood floor surface.

Baby Nora Office Chair Mat – Simple and Interesting Design

Many offices today use rolling chairs because they are comfy. But they can damage the floor every time you move them.  Protect your floor from scratches and other potential damages with this best office chair mat from Baby Nora.

Have you been spending hundreds of dollars on your floor repair? Have you been working in a different office while the service is ongoing? If yes, protect your carpeted floors or hardwood floor with a Baby Nora chair mat.

Made of polycarbonate, the product won’t crack and curl even after months of use. It is sturdy and impact-resistant which you cannot afford to miss. It is a worthwhile and meaningful investment you can boast to close colleagues and friends.

Many people love its thickness because it protects a carpet from any damage that the chair caster may cause. It also measures 47 inches X 35 inches, accommodating your unique needs and requirements.

Like the chair mat from CQFLY, it only requires less intensive maintenance. It is easy to clean and perfect for those who have a pile of paper works to finish every day. Applying a vacuum cleaner can keep the chair mat dirt-free, clean, and comfortable.

The chair mat is textured, enabling you to move office chairs without sliding. Designed with the client’s convenience in mind, the Baby Nora mat is safe to use. The risks of getting injured while moving the chair casters are lower than using those without a mat.

Baby Nora chair mat is eco-friendly without any carbon footprint. It is packed with quality material like polyester fiber, PE film, glue player, non-woven fabric. It is non-toxic as well.


Developed with a soft texture that can create a comfortable and healthy working environment.

It features an adhesive layer that is strong enough that can avoid cracks, fading, and curls.

It is a go-to favorite of the elderly.

The rectangular chair mat is heavy duty and can ensure the best protection for your floor.

Say bye to the noise produced by wheels when rolling on the carpet.

Rolling it is easy and does not take a lot of time.

It is known for easy and stress-free storage.

Suitable for the hardwood floor surface.

A multi-purpose tool for restaurants, offices, kitchens, living rooms, and other working spaces.

Simple but compelling design for your desk


It is not made for pile carpet.

It is only developed for hard floors.

ZHUOEN Office Chair Mat – Upgraded and Innovative

You work in the office for more than eight hours, so you deserve an upgraded mat for easy movement and productivity.

If your existing mat has some cracks and curls, get it replaced with this product from ZHUOEN – an industry leader of the competitively priced and high-quality mat.

Unlike the conventional solutions out there, the ZHUOEN chair mat has a strong adhesive layer and noise absorbent capacity. Therefore, it is not a cutting-edge or advanced mat for nothing.  

Commonly compared to carpets, the ZHUOEN mat is non-slip, preventing your chair from skidding. Its adhesive layer has undergone various tests and developments to ensure its efficacy and quality.

In the office, there are several factors that affect employee productivity. The noise produced by the office chair from rubbing against the hard floor is one. While carpets may help, nothing can beat the advantage of investing in a chair mat for hardwood floors/surfaces. It absorbs noise while giving your floor extra protection.

Every office worker wants to save some cash when looking for the best chair mat. That’s why some customers are tempted to purchase products available at the cheapest price. But can they last for a lifetime? Is it of great value? ZHUOEN can come into play. Competitively priced, its mat is durable and feature-packed, helping you avoid constant replacement.

Developed with 100% and original polyester, the mat is also made of PE film, an adhesive layer, and non-woven fabric. It does not only facilitate your movement in the office but also takes the protection of your hard floor to the next level.

Scratches and harsh scuffs can be an eyesore on the hard floor surface. While repair and maintenance can play a significant role, installing an office chair mat is more cost-effective.


It is ideal for any commercial establishments, including living rooms, restaurants, offices, and kitchens.

Can be used as a carpet in a long cold season.

Avoid scuff marks, spills, and other chair caster damages.

It is a go-to choice for many because of its ergonomic gliding surface.

Can reduce strain on your lower back leg.

It is a carpet chair mat.

As one of the best office chair products, it is suitable for a low pile carpet.

It stays firmly in place.

It comes in a good design and weight resistance you can boast.

Perfect for hard floor surface and carpet.


Limited color options. It is only available in dark gray.

 YueCCX Office Chair Mat – A Complete and Flexible Package

Heavy-duty chair mat for a hardwood floor? Long-lasting mat for desk chair? Name it! YueCCX office chair mat has them all. A complete package, the product is durable and of high quality.

Many businesses overlook the utmost importance of the best chair mats until their hard floor has visible cracks and scratches, which is expensive to fix. Before it is too late, achieve long-lasting floor protection with YueCCX Office Chair Mat.

Any crack or scratch on a hard floor can be an eyesore. It can also affect the comfort level and aesthetic value of your working space. Maintain and protect your floor with the chair mat from a sought-after and trusted manufacturer – YueCCX.

Unlike other choices, it is odorless and BPA free. It does not contain any volatile odor for a healthy, productive, and conducive indoor office environment. It is eco-friendly and safe.

The surface texture is relatively unique because it allows the chair casters to move around without skidding. It also has enough grip to maintain rolling and ensure safety while carrying out your tasks.

Made from long-lasting and pure polyethylene, it prevents daily wear and tear caused by chair casters.

Great flexibility is another advantage that the mat can give. When laid flat on a hard floor, it can stay flexible without curling or sinking.

YueCCX mat is transparent and excellent for those who want to try something new. Usually, the mat is available in black or gray. But this product is far different.

That’s not all. The mat can be installed under a desk chair, office chair, etc. It is indeed a multipurpose addition to any working space.

When setting up the mat, there’s no prior experience or knowledge required. All you have to do is to place it under your chair. That’s it. If you still find the process confusing, read the instructions manual or contact the manufacturer for further details.


The main material is PVC.

It stays firmly in place.

It is a good choice for office and home.

It is easy to clean and maintain.

Its material is 100% safe, authentic, and experts-recommended.

Durable and can resist the chair casters.

Available in a good shape.

Made in a transparent and unique design.


Made for the hard floor surface.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better between a tempered glass chair mat and a polycarbonate chair mat?

Well, both mats are good. While a tempered glass chair mat is transparent and durable, a polycarbonate mat won’t crack even after months of use. Before making a purchase, determine your needs and requirements.

What is the best shape for your workstation?

It depends. If you have any desk type, a rectangular chair mat is a good solution. If you have a double pedestal desk, rectangular with lip mats will be your best bet. When you have a compact office, a square shape mat is suitable.

Is there a chair mat that can handle a low pile carpet, medium pile carpet, hard floor?

Of course, there’s a chair mat made for any flooring surface. Whether it is a hard floor, a low pile carpet, or a medium pile carpet, you can find a flexible and durable product. But do some research carefully.

How much weight a chair mat can handle?

It depends on the material used in a mat. If it is made of polycarbonate, it can take frequent use and heavier weight without curls and other damages. So, ask your preferred company before making a payment.

What are the advantages of anti-slip mats?

A chair wheel is a top favorite for many office workers because they are comfy. But the risks of skidding are high whenever you move your rectangular chair, especially on a carpeted floor. Anti-slip mats are the answer to your problem. Whatever movement you do with your chair wheels, you can prevent sliding from happening.

Why should you choose a BPA free mat?

BPA or bisphenol A is a chemical that is used in most commercial products, including food containers, hygiene products, and a chair mat. Some experts believe that BPA is toxic. Once entered into the body, it may cause a lot of health problems in both men and women. Common diseases include infertility, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, polycystic ovary syndrome, premature delivery, asthma, liver function, brain function, immune function, and more. So, when searching for chair mats, don’t look further than those products without BPA.

Do environmentally friendly chair mats lack in quality and functionality?

No, an eco-friendly chair mat is free of any toxic material, but it doesn’t compromise on its heavy-duty features and incredible protection. Whether you want to build an environmentally friendly office or utilize a durable chair mat, a BPA free solution won’t be a disappointment.

Is a heavy-duty, slip-resistant, and 100% recyclable chair mat expensive?

Well, a chair mat with extraordinary features comes at different prices. If you are on a tight budget, there are affordable products you can take advantage of. If you are willing to spend, it is also easy to find a high-end chair mat.

Why is the rectangular chair mat the go-to choice for most office workers?

The rectangular chair mat is the top favorite shape for many clients because of its versatility. unlike the others, a rectangular chair mat can fit all workspace layouts. But if you want to make a change under your desk, you can consider other shapes of chair mats.

How to unroll the chair mat?

Once the chair mat is delivered directly to your doorstep, remove it from the packaging right away. Then, allow it to warm before unrolling. Next, place the mat on your floor or a low pile carpet. Make sure the shiny surface or grippers face down. After that, place books and other weighted items on every corner of the chair mats. Ask help from your colleagues to get it done properly.

Final Verdict

So, what’s your thought? If you want something transparent, the desk chair mat from YueCCX can reach and exceed your objectives.

Whether you’re looking for a non-slip or rectangular chair mat, any of the products from CFQFLY, BabyNora, and ZHUOEN is the best choice.

Each of these mats has top-grade material that can protect your floor from scratches and can last for years with minimal replacement.

if you want the best overall, we recommend the office chair mat from CFQLY.

Add the product to your cat today and avail discounts.

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