Best Drawer Organizers of 2021

Being neat is a great and must-have thing. It can keep your things be safe and properly stored to avoid any damage. The good thing here, a lot of organizer materials and equipment are available around us and are easy to look for. However, among these choices, choosing the best became a problem. Given that, we are going to introduce you to the drawer organizers. Have you heard about it before? Well, let us learn and follow us!

Defining Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers refer to the furniture used in organizing things such as paper works, documents, clothes and apparel, sock and underwear, personal belongings, and so many more. It is also called a junk drawer. It can be placed anywhere at your house, such as in the bedroom, kitchen, restroom, and others else. It is commonly made of wood, plastic, and aluminum. Also, each of these organizers comes in different colors and sizes depending on needs. There are drawer organizers made for papers and other necessary documents only, for clothes, and other things such as utensils and food stock.

Benefits of Using a Drawer Organizer

Below are the benefits of the drawer or junk drawer reasons:

Saves you time during your daily routine.

If you used your organizer as a dresser or closet both in your bathroom and bedroom, then it can help you save a lot of time daily. With this, you can easily take a look at your apparel like socks and underwear, and even accessories to style yourself quickly. This is helpful, especially when you’re in a hurry.

Extra storage for other items.

Having a lot of things can turn your place look unorganized and messy. Given that, you need to use a drawer organizer to provide you with more space. With this, you can store your things properly and easily without thinking about the potential damages it can get from factors such as rat infestation, wet materials, and others else.

It can turn your place to look neat and pleasant to the eyes. It can also allow you to lessen your stuff easily. If you have decided to release some of your belongings, you can easily get them inside the drawer organizers.

Keep your important documents.

If you have the necessary documents needed to be kept, then the organizer compartments can help you a lot. The best thing here is the padlock to enable you to get secured your documents that are confidential. You can also store your money here as it is safe with its padlock.

Separate your stuff.

Next, having organizer compartments allow you to separate your stuff according to their type. If it’s food, you can store it in a section of the drawer apart from the cleaning materials wherein bleach, soap, and other harmful cleaning chemicals are included. This can allow you to identify the thing you need at a certain time so you will not have a hard time finding it in a pile of different stuff mixed already. There are also dividers types that will allow you to separate your stuff effectively.

Keeps your child’s room neat.

Lastly, children are known to be unaware of their environment. This makes their room messy as they care more about playing than cleaning. But with a drawer organizer, you can get and store their items properly and neatly. It can be their toys, clothes, books, and others else.

Drawer organizers are great, right? It has a lot of benefits to enjoy. However, due to the demand and talented people, some customers are having a hard time choosing among the models presented to them. Given that, we are going to introduce you to these three best-seller drawer organizers that you can evaluate. These three guarantee excellent qualities and experience that you will never get in other models. So, let’s start the review!

Bamboo Drawer Organizer Storage Box / Bin Set – 5-Piece Multi-Use Drawer Organizer for Kitchen, Bathroom, Office Desk, Makeup, Jewelry

First, on the top list of the best drawer organizers, we have this Organizer Storage Box. This is a drawer organizer made for the kitchen, bathroom, jewelry, makeup, and office desk organizer. Let’s learn more about this!

Product Details

• This is a 5-piece organizer made of wood. It is perfectly-designed for organizing any type of stuff you own, from clothes to utensils to documents. It has enough inner depth of modular space, as well as a variety of sizes that you can choose from. With this drawer organizer, you will never worry again about your property being messy and unorganized due to the overflowing stuff you have.

• This drawer organizer has different sizes that can turn it easier for you to identify what you and certain stuff you own need for organizing. Here are the sizes of this drawer organizer: (double) 10” x 4” x 2.5”, (large) 10’ x 6” x 2.5”, (medium) 10” x 5” x 2.5”, (small) 5” x 3” x 2.5”, and (long) 10” x 3” 2.5”, 15” x 13” x 2.5”. With all of these sizes, you can definitely look for the perfect one for your belongings.

• It is an eco-friendly type of drawer organizer as it is made of bamboo. It promotes durability and organic components that makes it safe to use. Also, due to it is made of this material, there are certain qualities that other materials can’t have. These are its natural thickness and sturdiness that makes organizing way more fun and effective. Another thing, it is lightweight so you can put or bring it anywhere you like. You can add designs and colors to this drawer dividers organizer too.

• It has a multipurpose feature that makes it convenient to use in any organizing concerns. The organizer can be used to store small stuff, including cosmetics, office accessories, jewelry, and others else. Aside from that, it can also be used as an office desk organizer where you can put your necessary office stuff such as pens, papers, planners, clips, and so many more. Moreover, if you want your restroom to have an upgrade, try putting this drawer organizer, and you’ll be surprised by the results. You can cope up with messy bathroom essentials such as shampoo, soap, and conditioner bottles.

• It is stylish. This drawer organizer is never and will never be out of style. This material is an aesthetic and natural material that can always spice up your house. Aside from being an organizer, it can appear as an additional decoration inside your house. So, you have two benefits received only in one item.


The price of this box set is around $25. This is great and affordable, right? It may still change, especially when there are discounts.

Product Description

A messy home may not be yours now once you availed of this organizer. Here, you can have style and sophistication all at once. This is the best for those who want to stay neat without bringing negative impacts on the environment.

Key Features

• Different sizes of organizer set

• 100% organic and safe to use

• Convenient and effective

• Comes with multi-use organizer bins

• Eye-catching and stylish

If you have a lot of stuff and need extra storage to help you out, relying on this box will never become a bad idea. This is a set with 5 different organizer boxes that you can utilize to store different stuff ranging from cosmetics to jewelry and even office accessories. It can simply turn your life easier and better.

Also, this box is eco-friendly as it is produced out of 100% natural materials. The materials are gathered from the forest, wherein proper replacement procedure is applied to keep the supply going and not affect the environment. With that material, this box can’t bear any harm to your stuff, especially when used for food storage. No active chemicals can intoxicate the stuff you store in it. Thus, safety is guaranteed. Another thing, it is convenient and effective, especially because of its different sizes and weight. Given that, you can transfer or even bring it anywhere you want.

Moreover, it has the style and eye-catching appearance that you can utilize as an additional decoration in your house. You can rock your own house without spending a lot on home decorations. Great, isn’t it? Now, let’s take a look at some reviews!


1. The boxes were really lit and deep! It is well-polished and finished. It is the perfect organizing box that I have ever found available online, and I’m so thankful for that. In terms of its smell, it has nothing. So, I am sure that this set is non-toxic and safe to utilize for my kids’ stuff, such as apparel and accessories. One good thing I have found out about this product is that its material which came from a family-based in Georgia. This means then that it didn’t come from China. It came from a home-grown supply that was polished to become these organizing boxes.

2. This set of boxes are good and deep! I never thought that I would look for something like this available online. At first, I was a little hesitant since it used bamboo, but I trusted my instincts and other reviews. After receiving the order, I was surprised by the packaging. It is good, and no damage was seen. I will definitely repurchase one available set for my other stuff.

mDesign Metal Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Junk Drawer Organizer Tray – Plastic Storage Basket for Cutlery, Serving Spoons, Cooking Utensils, Gadgets – 12.1″ Long, 4 Pack – Black

Next on the top list, we have this best MDesign Metal Farmhouse Plastic Kitchen Cabinet Drawer Organizer that is perfect for your kitchen needs. It is a set of baskets that can be used effectively in storing cooking utensils, serving spoons, cutlery, and other cooking tools. Compared to the first one, this organizer is from the best metal, which presents its own uniqueness from other models. So, let’s take a closer look at this kitchen drawer or bathroom drawer and know its best advantages to be used for your needs.

Product Details

• Simple Organizing. If you are looking for organizing boxes, then this is what you need. These drawers can effectively separate your streamlined kitchen drawer and other essentials. It can keep items well-organized for them to be seen easily when needed. With this, you can sort your cooking stuff such as spoons, whisks, forks, knives, wine stoppers, bag clips, gadgets, baking utensils, bottle openers, and so many more. Aside from these, you can also utilize it for your pencils, scissors, pens, and highlighters. So, turn your stuff and other tools to be neat at all times with these boxes.

• Instant Organization. If your house has been messy these days, then you need the help of these boxes as these were produced to provide more area. So, once you have these organizers, you can easily achieve an instant organization of your messy stuff, be it in the kitchen, bedroom, or restroom. Aside from that, it can work well with cabinets, counters, pantry, and even the freezer or fridge. Above all, it can be used throughout the entire house as additional spaces while being a decoration also.

Furthermore, you can utilize it even in your other places such as a condo, apartment, camp, dormitory, and more.

• It is highly versatile and functional. If you already got tired of your old organizing equipment or furniture, you need to try it. These drawers can be placed anywhere in your homes, such as the study desks where you can put in your pads, note cards, scissors, tapes, pencils, pens, and other supplies. You can also utilize it in your restroom or vanity mirror, where you do the most work when glamming up. Here, you can put your four lipsticks, two makeup brushes, palettes, mascara, eye shadow palettes, hand lotion, face cream, curlers, and more. If you’re an avid crafter, then you can also look for these convenient to store your crafting materials such as two paints, paintbrushes, scrapbooks, and others else.

• The size of it is thoughtful with a measurement of 12.1” x 6.1” x 2.25”.

• The construction is high-quality since the primary material used for these drawer organizers is strong steel. This then makes it rust-resistant and easy to clean even by using a damp cloth.


The regular price of this drawer organizer on Amazon is $29.99.

These pieces of information are not yet sufficient but let’s take a look at the designer of this drawer organizer.

About MDesign

MDesign was founded and guided by Bob Immerman through making effective responses to market trends that pushed him to leverage his 40 years of experience in producing home goods. With that, the brand was born with the aim of producing and designing quality, stylish bins. They started to offer a variety of home products at affordable and fair prices.

The products are unique since the brand itself believes that every home deserves to be happy and well-organized. Through this, clearer thinking and harmony within the house can be maintained. So, MDesigns has been working a lot since day one to provide customers with unique and quality products continuously.

Furthermore, the brand receives so much trust from its customers since its main goal: to provide quality bins compartments and changes in your house were turned true. The brand loved the work so much, so it resulted in lots of successes as time passes by.

Other Product Information

These drawers come with black paint to promote sophistication. This color can also prevent the rust formulation that can be harmful to the health of customers once mixed. For its size, it is 12.1” x 6.1” x 2.25”. The main purpose of this organizer is to have an easy experience organizing different kitchen tools such as wooden spoons, serving pieces, utensils, and more.

This organizer comes in 11.8 x 93 x 6.1 inches with a weight of 3.54 pounds in terms of the package dimensions. Lightweight, right? In this way, you can easily carry it and wash it in the sink when needed. The manufacturer is MetroDecor, while it was first launched last April 2020.

Enough of that already, now let’s proceed to the reviews received by these drawer organizers from its previous customers.


1. Back then, I am having trouble with my shallow builder-grade drawers as I can’t look for drawers that can fit there. Good thing I found about these drawer organizers that can fit perfectly on my builder grade. With this set, I was able to organize my kitchen stuff easily and effectively. It helped me then to spot every tool I need whenever I look at the organizers. It simply transformed my life to be easier and better. Also, it has good quality, fit, and weight. Crumbs can’t be caught nor dust as they can be easily breezed off.

However, I found one concern that I don’t look for satisfying, and that is the lack of horizontal fit bars on the basket sides. This results in falling out small items. I don’t like it, but I still managed to look for ways to come and solve it. I put a clean and thin layer of cloth or tissue on it. This holds the small details safely.

2. What I loved about these drawers is their quality. The materials used in this are indeed worth it, especially the metal. It can be seen visibly. That’s why I really love to utilize it when storing my stuff. For example, my favorite set of spoons and forks had effective compartments where it can fit and can’t be bothered by anyone or any other disturbing factors.

3. The only thing I can say about these organizers is that it’s perfect for my cooking utensils. Back then, I find it difficult to find the best size of every organizer for my utensils, but thankfully, I found these on Amazon. Now, I am looking forward to more purchases of products like these again.

Expandable Silverware Drawer Dividers Organizer with 2 Pcs Gray Spoon Holder, 6 to 7 Compartment Adjustable Kitchen Utensil Organizer with Anti-Slip Mat, Cutlery Tray for Most Large Utensils

Last on the list; we have the best Expandable Silverware Drawer Tray. Have you heard about it before? If not yet, then let’s learn more about it!

This drawer is considered one of the top picks today as it has a lot of stuff to offer, such as its adjustable properties. A variety of benefits and satisfying results are guaranteed by these drawers. Apart from being four compartments box, it can also be used in other ways to make your life way better and easier. So, let’s start with its details.

Product Details

• This organizer was produced to make storing cooking utensils way easier. If you had a hard time back then when keeping your cooking items like knives, spoons, forks, towels, glasses, and so many more, then you can find it easier with this kitchen drawer. Besides, it has the best package that includes the expandable and adjustable mesh drawer along with 2 pieces of gray silicone spoon rack. This package may appear a bit less to you, yet you’ll later found out about how amazing it is.

• It is an expandable organizer. Being expandable means that it can be stretched wider than its usual size. This makes it then more convenient to utilize, especially in times of need. Also, being expandable can provide you more space, up to four more for you to put your stuff safely. So, its expansion can reach up to 18.5 inches from 11.5 inches long. Good, isn’t it? Another thing, it is 2 inches deep and 16.5 inches wide. So, it will be way easier for someone to set it up. It only requires less effort.

• Large Silverware Tray. This product receives a lot of trust from the customers since it is designed with 2 pieces of silicon utensils rest. This makes it easier for you to store more of your cooking stuff safely and properly. Also, it has seven desk drawer space tray that is ideal for your large cooking tools and items like ladles, spatulas, whisks, and tongs. Aside from that, you can store your knives, forks, can openers, food thermometers, and so much more too. Most of all, the best thing about this is that you can easily search close your needed cooking utensil.

• Widely Used Organizers. Aside from your cooking utensils, you can also utilize these drawers to store and organize your makeup accessories, manual tools, documents, socks, underwear, office accessories, and many more. With this, your stuff or dresser will never be messy nor in danger from different destructing factors such as moisture and pests. You can also put it anywhere in your house, such as in the restroom or your bedroom. With its lightweight, you can easily transfer it from one area to another.

• Anti-Slip Design. These cutlery organizers are made of metal mesh. This means then that it has an anti-slip property, which is helpful when you are doing your daily routine. With this material also, durability is promoted and avoids shifting.


For the price, these organizers can be bought on Amazon for only $25. This is affordable and fair enough, especially because you may receive freebies and the quality as well.

Product Information

Given that it is expendable, it can literally be expanded for more space. You can put your other stuff in here to be clean and neat. It can be your cooking utensils and tools, makeup and accessories in your bedroom, and bath essentials in your restroom. Besides, it is lightweight, so you can transfer it anywhere you want. In addition to that, it has the style that can make it an additional decoration and not just a mere space box.

Also, this is made of metal mesh and designed to be anti-slip. So, you will never worry about a slippery space box when you store your stuff. For its freebies, this includes two to four pieces of gray silicone spoon rest.

In terms of size, this has 11.5” x 16.5” x 2 inches. After expansion, it has the size of 18.5” x 16.5” x 2” inches. The colors of it are gray and silver. The weight is 3.05 pounds and is manufactured by the WuGeShop. Its first display on Amazon was dated back on June 14, 2019.


1. It’s really great. I was able to store more of my baking utensils. It helped me a lot since I love to bake, and I found this for my baking materials. This is where I put my measuring cups, spatulas, folding materials, cups, and many more. Given that, I became neater and cleaner, which are necessary for baking goods.

2. This expandable desk drawer is lit! I was able to organize my stuff in the restroom. My bath essentials are now stored properly, especially my body wash and shampoo bottles. I became organized and clean with the help of this. Plus, it has a design that matches the theme of my restroom. So, I am willing to order again.

These three best drawer organizers present their uniqueness and advantage. It now depends on your choice and needs for storage space or compartment. So, follow us for more design recommendations. Above all, these three organizers are the best. So, you better make an order now, follow us, and keep your house be organized and clean at all times.

There are also more choices than you can consider other than these.