Best Entertainment Centers of 2021

You work hard every day, so you deserve deep rest and relaxation in your free time. One way to treat yourself is to get the best entertainment center for your house. With that, you can enjoy watching your favorite shows and movies without hassle. You can sit comfortably because of the beautiful and organized ambiance in your house.

However, there are lots of entertainment centers available in the market. In that case, it can be challenging for you to choose the perfect one for your specific needs. Don’t worry because we will guide you in this matter. Before we give you the list of the top entertainment centers, let us first know what an entertainment center is.

What is an Entertainment Center?

An entertainment center is the focal point of your living room. It can handle the weight and size of your television. It also stores your consoles and other media appliances. With an entertainment center, you can have a more organized, relaxing, and elegant home. If you want to transform your room into a friendly and cozy area, it’s time to look for the best entertainment center.

Buying Guide for Best Entertainment Center  

Entertainment centers come in different features, sizes, and costs. That’s why you need to carefully select one that suits your standards, taste, and budget. Do you plan to buy the best entertainment center for your living room? The following tips can guide you to get the right one for you.


Entertainment centers are made of various materials. You can choose one which you may think best for the theme of your home. The common materials used for entertainment centers are glass, metal, and wood. Can’t decide which material you’re going to pick? Let’s discuss each material to help you decide.


If you want lighter but strong furniture, metal is a good option. The material is versatile and can be made into various setups.


Do you want more traditional furniture in your home? You can prefer entertainment centers that are designed from wood. Wood entertainment centers come with great quality, affordable, and have a flexible design.


Glass can be used for shelving to open up space visually.


An entertainment stand is available in different categories. These include tv stand, fireplace, media chests, and wall units.

TV stands

TV stands are commonly under 30 inches high. It serves as a base for your television. TV stands styles have drawers or shelving for storage.

Wall units

If you wish to have an entertainment center with huge storage space, a wall-mounted unit can be a good option. It can be placed into a big portion of the wall. With wall units, you can store many things like albums, movie collections, gaming consoles, books, audio components, and more.

Entertainment fireplace 

Entertainment center fireplaces are dual-purpose. The fireplace usually has a thermostat, remote, glass front, and function to have flame without the heat. This type of entertainment center is a combination of the feature of tv stand with an electric fireplace. You can opt for a fireplace entertainment center with glass that can stay cool for safety.

Media chests

This entertainment center is space-saving. It is a piece of furniture that has cabinets that vary in capacity, size, and style. You can use it for the storage of controllers, DVDs/ Blu-rays, game consoles, and other AV equipment.


The size of the entertainment stand is also an important factor to consider. Take note that a large wall unit can take a lot of space, which makes it challenging to rearrange. With this, you can measure the height, length, and depth of the area for convenience in your home.

The standard rule in buying an entertainment center is that the tv stand must be about two inches wider compared to the screen width. Keep in mind that various entertainment centers allow for different television sizes. It is not a single size fits all. So, you must pick the best product that can suit the size of your TVs.


An entertainment center is available in different designs and styles. Among these common styles are industrial, farmhouse, mid-century modern, and modern. Let us know about each style to help you know which one suits best for your taste and home theme.

Mid-century modern

This style of entertainment center features simple and clean lines of modern style. It may work with both non-traditional and traditional materials as well as organic or geometric forms to make a functional and uncluttered design.


Farmhouse style unit is made from wood to offer a rustic feel. If you wish to have a simple but quality unit, Farmhouse is right for you.


The modern entertainment stand is sophisticated and sleek, with minimal and clean features. It may equally emphasize form and function equally. You can maintain your place organized and clean with this style.


This entertainment stand-style features rough materials like hard steel and wood, which are usually in darker shades.

You must get the best style of an entertainment center that can suit your room, TVs, light fixtures, or artwork.  

Weight Capacity

The weight capacity is another essential thing to consider in buying an entertainment center for your living room. You must estimate the weight of your TVs, other media, and gaming consoles you will store on the unit. As you know the weight of your television, you can get the right one that can handle it. You must also remember that various construction and materials come with various weight capacities. For the shelves, you can check the weight limit of your equipment or devices.


Some homeowners have minimal entertainment storage needs. As you buy your entertainment center, be clear about how much space you need. A large wall unit comes with enough storage where you can store photographs, mementos, plants, books, and other collectibles.


It is natural that you always aim to get a quality product for your tv stand needs. So, you must only get products from reliable brands. Does it contain shelves for easy storage? Is the shelf enough? You can prefer those who have two shelves or cabinets on each side. Make sure that it is also simple to close and open for maximum efficiency.


Entertainment stand can be purchased at different costs. You must choose the best entertainment center that can accommodate your television display, console, and other media equipment. More importantly, you must get an entertainment center that perfectly suits your standards and budget.

As you follow this buying guide, you can get the best entertainment stand for your living room.

Top Entertainment Centers

The following are the top entertainment centers you can avail yourself of in the market.

Walker Edison Industrial Entertainment Center

If you look for the best set of an entertainment center, Walker Edison Industrial Entertainment Center is for you. It features a mesh universal stand with cabinet door TVs. It is available in a dark walnut color. This 60 inches tv stand can be used as a storage cabinet, entertainment center, or kitchen buffet. It has dimensions of 26 inches H x 60 inches long x 16 inches width.

It has a rectangle shape and weighs about 102 pounds. The entertainment stand is made from engineered wood and steel material. It has 4 mesh metal doors and adjustable shelves. The entertainment stand can accommodate TVs up to 65 inches. The product has a beautiful combination of mesh metal doors and metal hardware. It has cable management to run cords in the back of your TV stand. Walker Edison Industrial Entertainment Center is a good investment for your home entertainment needs.


  • Flexible urban industrial storage console
  • It comes with two separated cabinets and shelves on each side of the large center cabinet
  • High-grade MDF with a durable laminate finish
  • Elegant design that can add beauty to your bedroom or living room       
  • Features cord management option and adjustable shelves
  • 65 inches console with drawers perfect for accommodating your tv and other items


  • Some complaint about the wrong door in the box

Furinno Turn-N-Tube No Tools Entertainment Center

Furinno Turn-N-Tube No Tools Entertainment Center is another unit to organize your home. It has dimensions of 11.6 inches x 41.5 inches x 22.85 inches. It weighs around 16.72 pounds. You can expect long-lasting efficiency from this tv stand because it is designed from engineered wood material. You can avail it in brown faux marble/ brown. You can keep your room organized since it provides easy storage and display of your television, video as well as audio accessories.

It can be a perfect display in your room because of its simple but elegant design. If you look for a tv stand that is easy to assemble, this entertainment center may be a good option. It is a green label product that can fit any space of your home. Additionally, it can fit your budget. The entertainment stand can accommodate about 37 flat-screen panels up to 50 pounds. It already includes components like legs.

This tv stand is considered one of the leading RTA furniture because of its affordability, functionality, and elegant design. It is assembled and manufactured in Malaysia with 95 to 100% recycled materials. Furinno Turn-N-Tube is a good choice for your relaxation needs.


  • Stylish design in different color options for a more customized experience
  • Strong on a flat surface, suitable and functional for any room
  • Features rounded-edge design that avoids kids from possible injuries.
  • Designed from E1 Grade composite wood, PVC tubes material
  • Easy to assemble, good quality at an affordable cost
  • It can maintain balance and offer your tv with good support.
  • Good value for your money


  • Some are not satisfied because of their small size.   
  • Some said that the style can still be improved.    

VASAGLE TV Cabinet Rustic Entertainment Center Console

VASAGLE TV Cabinet Rustic Entertainment Console is a 60 inches tv stand that can be a perfect display in your home. It features an adjustable shelf and feet and offers easy storage for your items. It has fixed blade movement and elegant brown color.

This type of tv stand can be a perfect display in your room. You can keep your games, movies, and entertainment systems behind the back of the barn door. This unit can handle about 60 inches TVs. It comes with 2 holes for cable management. Its brown finish will make it long-lasting and durable. It can also be a great interior display of your house.

If you like flexible shelving furniture, this VASAGLE tv stand is the right solution. It is space-saving and designed with durable and quality materials like engineered wood. Its adjustable feet are perfect for maintaining balance. You will not regret purchasing this entertainment center because of its amazing features. VASAGLE TV Cabinet Rustic can be the best product to enhance the beauty of your place.


  • VASAGLE TV unit will add charm to your house
  • Features sliding barn doors where you can keep your collectibles
  • It also comes with professional customer service to accommodate your needs.
  • The product is easy to assemble and has open compartments with an adjustable shelf.
  • Has cord management for clean lines storage, so you can avoid the messy area.
  • Good entertainment console for your shelving needs
  • Offers good value for your budget


  • One drawback of this product is its small size.  

Here we go, so that is the list of our top entertainment stands you can choose from for your entertainment center needs. Each product comes with its specific advantages and disadvantages to help you make a wise decision for your tv set. You can pick the one that suits your standard, personality, and theme of your house.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some frequently asked questions for the best entertainment centers that can help you.

What are the factors to consider in buying a console unit?

There are various things to consider if you plan to buy an entertainment stand. Ask yourself, how do you like to mount your TVs? Usually, the most stylish design is to mount your TVs on the wall. You must not prefer a console that is prone to overheating. It is also important to consider the size of your TVs, so you can get the perfect tv stand set that suits the rooms of your house. Make sure that you can mount your tv in the best way to maintain balance.

Is it worth it to get an entertainment center for your room?

Are you curious whether it is worth it to have an entertainment center in your room? Well, the answer is yes! Aside from holding your TVs, entertainment stands can also be a great piece of furniture that can add beauty to the overall look of your interior. With the best unit, you can keep your space cleaner and more organized.

It comes with cabinets where you can store your gaming, audio, and video equipment. If you want to make your room a more relaxing ambiance where you can enjoy entertainment, an entertainment unit is the best solution. The large unit can offer you drawers to shelf your valuable things. You can choose the best design of the unit that perfectly matches your standards and the theme of your house.

Should you buy an expensive entertainment center?

The Entertainment center is available at different costs. Well, take note that the price of the product is not the main basis for its quality and efficiency. Meanwhile, you can expect that a large unit with more functionality is more expensive. For example, if you want a modern design like an electric fireplace, you can spend more. Fortunately, there are still available products that can offer you a beautiful piece of tv stand with lots of shelves to save space.

Do you want to get an entertainment stand with lots of drawers and a sleek and stylish finish? You can prefer wood consoles. This unit is more affordable but can still provide you with solid and great shelving of your items. Therefore, you must buy according to your budget and needs.

A standard tv stand is about 30 inches high. As you watch tv, you may want your natural eye level to be in the middle of the screen display. Before you plan to buy, be clear on how high the product is to ensure that it can hold your TV.

How can you set up your entertainment center?

Organizing your unit is simple. You can use its shelves to store your gaming console, art piece, audio or video equipment, and other collectibles. You can also use its cable management function and hide the wires behind the back of the doors of the cabinets. In this way, you can maintain your space clean and organized.

Where is the best place to locate your entertainment stand?

The entertainment stand is a good piece of interior display that comes with shelves for storage. It is usually located in the living room. It comes in different heights and sizes, so you can choose one that is ideal for the space for your house. You can also place it in your bedroom and dorm area. Before you buy, you must consider how high the unit is to avoid problems in the future.         

What type of entertainment center should you choose?

There are lots of types for your television stand, so you must get one that can match your personality, room theme, and budget. Just what we mentioned earlier, the types of entertainment console include tv stands, wall unit, media chests as well as an electric fireplace.

If you wish to have a solid, affordable, but modern unit, you can prefer the wall unit. It has shelves that allow you to store any piece of the book, audio components, album, gaming systems, and more. This type can be 60 inches to 65 inches high. Media chests also come in different capacities, shapes, and styles. It is narrower compared to traditional entertainment units.

On the other hand, entertainment center fireplaces come with two purposes which combines a tv stand with an electric fireplace. Lastly, the tv stand is about 30 inches high and perfect for accommodating your tv. It has drawers and a shelving function for easy storage. If you want a small set, you can prefer for 30 inches high.

What are some tips for finding an entertainment center?

Are you still not sure which set you’re going to buy for your house? You can follow these tips.

  • Prevent messy cord by choosing one that has a cable management system, so you can place the wires at the back of the shelves.
  • You can get cabinets that come with a proper height from your sitting position.
  • Proper ventilation is also important to consider to avoid your electronics from overheat. Some models have ventilation holes built-in on the shelf. You can also open the back of the cabinet for airflow circulation.

Are tv stands made from wood a good option?

A console unit made from wood is also a good option. There are different styles of the console, like farmhouse and industrial. Farmhouse style is made from wood that has a rustic feel. Industrial style is also a good piece of interior furniture that can add beauty to your area. It is made from rough materials like hard steel and wood that come in darker shades. These two both have shelves that you can close and open easily.

The wood console can offer you an elegant finish that is long-lasting. So, you can make sure that it can offer a good value for your budget.

What are the materials used for tv stand?

TV stands are made from different materials. The most popular building materials for solid console units include glass, wood, and metal. Glass is perfect for storage doors or shelving to visually open up an area. Metal is lighter but tough, and it is used in modern models since it can be shaped into various forms. Lastly, wood is the most traditional material for tv stands. It can have a varnish seal finish for its protection. So, you can expect a versatile design, quality, and more affordability.

What is the perfect size for a tv console?

You must prefer the solid and tough console to handle your tv and other media equipment. When it comes to tv console, the stand must be at least two inches wider than the width of the screen. For example, if your television is 54 inches, you can get 54 inches of the console.

You can choose those who are easy to open and close to access your things easily. There are models that come with two shelves on each side. If you wish to have solid and elegant interior furniture, it is time to get a small console with a modern design to save more space in your bedroom.

What is the importance of a tv stand?

You may not know it, but a tv stand is an important part of the overall beauty of your house. It can be beautiful furniture that will keep the organization of your space. They feature cabinets you can easily close and open to get and store your items. Each shelf is useful in keeping your valuable things to maintain cleanliness and organization in your space.

With it, you can relax and enjoy sitting or watching television in your free time. You can have comfortable viewing. In addition, you can also enhance the curb appeal of your house because it can be an excellent interior display.

Where should you buy a tv stand?

If you wish to get a quality and beautiful console, you must buy it from the official website of the manufacturer. You can also avail of it in reliable stores such as Amazon. With that, you have an assurance that you can get an original version of the product. You will not experience scams, fraud, and other fake transactions. If you aim to get good value for your money, be careful about where you buy a tv stand.

What are the safety tips for the maintenance of your unit?

When it comes to taking care of your unit, you must get those who have proper ventilation. You can prefer models that can be open in the back for proper airflow.


There we go, so that is the list of our top entertainment centers that you can choose from for your house. With the help of our review, we hope that you already pick the best tv stand that can offer you great storage space. We also include buying tips, so you can pick the perfect type where you can mount your TVs.

Maintaining cleanliness and organization in your house is important. So, getting a tv stand is a good decision. It is ideal for small and big living rooms or bedrooms. The good thing about it is that you can select the style and material for your console for a more customized experience.

Do you want to enjoy a hassle-free movie marathon and other entertainment in your room? What are you waiting for? Get a solid modern design of the entertainment unit for your storage needs! You can pick one from our list above and transform your house into a gorgeous and more organized area.