Best Headboards of 2021

Let’s face it. Headboards are a crucial part of any bed, irrespective of its material, shape, and size, which has been utilized to create it. Therefore, picking a headboard should be an utmost priority for any person who is getting their bed made.

A headboard will surely add a sense of touch for something beautiful to any bedroom. What’s more, some safeguard from bumping against hard surfaces. You will find different styles in the market. So, to make things a bit simpler and stress-free for you, we will offer you a comprehensive buying guide to help you in the process.

This post will help you do exactly that. Allow us to help you pick the best headboards in the market today based on a series of factors. There’s no doubt that there are a plethora of choices available on the market today when we talk about headboards. We will provide compact and honest reviews for the products listed below that have been picked based on their suitability for different scenarios.

Review of the Best Headboards

The following headboards included in the following section of this review are quite sought-after among its users. We have curated them based on their excellent reviews and high ratings.

1.       Nathan James Harlow Wall Mount – Full Queen

Are you looking for a dependable and adjustable bed headboard designed for Queen? Then the Nathan James Harlow Wall Mount Full Queen got you covered. This headboard will allow you space to boost its look and add comfortable without the commitment with its black matte metal PC rail.

This product also boasts vintage brown faux leather PU straps, which enables the height to be changed, allowing you to personalize the bedroom with the design and look you want.

In case you didn’t know yet, Harlow Queen is a wall-mounted headboard. One of its features is that it’s hassle-free to install. It provides lightweight panels that are covered in either a light gray/sand or vintage brown vegan leather.

What we really love about this headboard is that the faux leather strap enables you to hang the headboard with or even without the provided suspension metal PC rail. Hence, that makes it ideal for rooms with very limited spaces.

Apart from your bedroom, you can also utilize it in other places. For instance, you can get resourceful and imaginative by adding some style and softness to your seating area. You can achieve that by hanging the panels in a banquette area, dining area, or entry area.

This is truly a beautiful modern headboard from Nathan James that comes with all that you’d want from an excellent headboard – it is simple to install, comes in a Queen size, and comes with a warranty to ensure your experience is completely satisfactory. On top of that, the upholstery comes in a shade of gray and brown, which goes very well along with a wide array of finishes and surfaces.

Just one thing to keep in mind that the drywall anchors could be better. They aren’t the kind that has a flush lip against the wall. Instead of spreading and anchoring the piece, the screw pushed the anchors on through the drywall into the void between.


Easy to install

Sophisticated design

It has a faux leather strap

Can be used in different places apart from the bedroom


Drywall anchors could be of better quality

2.       Modway Curl Linen Fabric Upholstered Twin Headboard

There’s no doubt that a few headboards are all about function. However, this one from Modway Curl does function and form both, not to mention that it does them well. The design of this upholstered panel headboard is considered a throwback to the old headboard of the fifties and the sixties.

The material of this upholstered panel headboard is extremely comfortable and soft, and the foam is very supportive yet firm. Moreover, the colors on offer are relaxing and neutral at the same time. It will surely provide you a good night’s sleep.

It’s worth mentioning that the upholstered panel headboard comes in a curved construction along with finishing given in linen, setting it apart from a big crowd of headboards that commonly come with man-made materials. You will love the breathability of natural materials, which is unsurpassed. Therefore, this linen headboard from Modway Curl is one of the ideal ones you can get together with natural materials, although it’s somewhat on the expensive side.

The flawless selection of bedroom elegance comes along with wavy lines and a welcoming design. There’s no doubt that the Modway presents one sophisticated, satisfactory best headboards for sitting up in bed for you.

For its construction, this best upholstered panel headboard for a twin-sized bet boasts a solid wood design. The extra solid wood legs and particle panel initiate further robustness as well. We also love the featured upholstery, which has linen fabric to brag a neutral tone.

The appeal of this upholstered panel headboard brings in one excellent décor along with an elegant and rich texture. It is a good and playful design that guarantees balanced support. In addition, the mounting position is only perfect to fit average bed frames.


Elegant detail

Superior construction

Fabric headboard

Curved shape


No individual nails are accessible

Slight puckering happens at the edges

3.       Nathan James Harlow Wall Mount – Twin

Are you seeking a twin wall-mounted headboard that will totally change your bedroom’s ambiance? Then this model by Nathan James is the ideal option for you. You will be able to offer a rustic vibe to your room quite effortlessly.

The Harlow company doesn’t require any instruction. This one will fit your bill, especially if you are into something with a highly sophisticated look and feel. Their headboards are highly customizable to customer requirements, and this unit is not an exception.

Nathan James is a popular brand that is pretty renowned for sleek and modern headboards, table desks, and so much more. This faux leather headboard is quite durable and gorgeous at the same time.

The headboard will not simply make your room look classy, but it will also last for quite a long time. You see, the elegance of the board will boost the sophistication of any room without spending out a huge amount of money.

The panels of the wall-mounted headboards by Nathan James are made of best metal. That’s why this product is somewhat robust and sturdy. Given that the headboard comes with leather upholstery, you can pair it with any bed to make your entire room looking stunning.

The construction of this best Harlow headboard is composed of two panels, which are put together while set up. The panels make for two separate spaces to lean on while on the bed. The twin bed is modern and extremely lightweight and is composed of light gray and vintage style brown-faux leather straps, which are made of PU leather.

It can also make an excellent option for use in your entryway or dining space even though it’s made especially for the bedroom. The well-made twin headboard is made from the most superior materials and hence can provide the highest reliability and durability. A major plus about the design is that it’s made to save a huge amount of space. The unit is suitable for small spaces and could be hanged with or without the provided suspension straps.


A great value for money

The cushioning material is very thick

The headboard will last for a long time


Some users complain the headboard comes with infested bed bugs

4.       Vänt Upholstered Wall Panels

It’s often challenging to keep irritating sounds around your condo or apartment – chatty roommates, street noises, and loud neighbors – at bay. Hence, what to do when you are exhausted from the annoying noise and desperate for a room you can get some rest and sleep in? This is where Vänt Upholstered Panel Headboard come to the rescue.

Let’s admit it. Who doesn’t like plush headboards over their beds? Vänt has been quite sought-after and renowned for creating comfortable, and high-quality wall mounted headboards. Their Vänt Upholstered Panel Headboard are quite different from the rest.

One thing you will love about this Upholstered Panel Headboard is that it’s catered individuals with king-sized beds. The total size of the unit is relatively large. The vibrant headboard’s color will make your entire room elegant and lively at the same time.

These wall panels are made with plush but robust materials that range from leather to micro-suede. Such soft stunners are accessible in different widths and an enormous thirty various colors ways.

Big thanks to its patented easy mount system, you can connect these units to your bedroom wall in just around five minutes. There’s no need for any studs or anchors. Take note that its mount system uses anchorless screws with additional wide threads, which firmly grip the drywall.

We also love the endless layout options with such sound-stoppers. It turns out that you could easily stack such posh panels horizontally or vertically, along with whatever colors or fabric you utilize. That makes it an extremely personalized headboard.

In addition, your layout will stay adjustable even after your first installation. That will allow you to include panels to the masterpiece whenever your savings permit. Perhaps you get tired of them inside your bedroom. You can relocate the panels into other spaces. You can also do some creative DIY projects. Try to check out Vänt’s official Instagram page, where you will find their panels being utilized in different areas of the home such as the living room, dining room, and even as a DIY dining bench. How awesome is that?


The vibrant color of the headboard will truly decorate your

entire room

The headboard can be assembled by anybody

The headboard has four panels

You can personalize the headboard’s design


The headboard is a bit space-consuming

Frequently Asked Questions

We are now done with reviewing four different headboards that can cater to different variety of materials, budgets, sizes, and tastes. It’s time we move on towards some critical questions that are bound to arise when you are buying a new headboard for your bed. That’s particularly essential when you are getting a headboard for the very first time.

Q: What is a headboard?

Keep in mind that a headboard is a piece of furniture sitting on the end of the bed nearest to where your head and pillows are when you sleep. These are normally made from metal or wood. They may or may not be upholstered, meaning the framework is protected with padding.

Some of the examples of materials utilized to make upholstered headboards are vinyl, faux, real leather, and even velvet.

Q: What does it do?

You may be wondering what the main purpose of a headboard. In case you didn’t know, these are designed to prevent you from being bothered by the cold and drafts, which emanates from brick walls and stones in poorly insulated buildings. They function as a barrier and offers space.

It could be debated that headboards are redundant in modern homes nowadays, especially with the rise of better insulation technology and heating systems.

Q: Do I really need a headboard?

You will find several reasons why you might still like to get a headboard for yourself. One of the major reasons for having one is to safeguard your wall.

Imagine if you don’t have one and you have a beautiful wallpaper or paint. There’s a high chance anyone will scrape away the paint and the textured wallpaper’s material. A headboard can also keep your soft pills in place, particularly if your bed is away from the wall. That could even support you in propping up you in bed if you are working on your laptop, reading a book, or watching a movie.

Nonetheless, many individuals will purchase a headboard for aesthetic purposes. That’s because they serve as the centerpiece of the bedroom décor, making a cozy setting by covering up the bare wall’s harshness.

Q: What are the factors to consider when buying a headboard?

This is the most typical and important question every buyer wants to know. You will find different factors to consider before you spend your money on a headboard.

Excellent in value.You can typically obtain a great looking headboard from $90 to $200. While some luxurious models normally range from $200 to $400. For genuine wood, the price is substantially greater.

One of the important things to do is to compare the different prices, real reviews from customers. Also, ensure you consider other crucial features as well.

Well-designed and Robust.Certainly, you will not like a fragile headboard, which could barely stand or stay in your place. Further, you will not like a headboard, which lacks padding, which makes it not comfortable to lean on.

As an alternative, what you like is something that is robust in construction with wooden or metal legs. You will also find other types, which are connected to the wall with bedside tables. Ensure you also consider its texture. Keep in mind that several textures are less susceptible to damage in a damp setting or does not tend to tear off or come apart.

Space-saving. Keep in mind that a headboard, which consumes less space, allows you to have more room inside your house. It should not create your room feel stuffy. On to of that, you will also find headboards, which consume a huge amount of space. That is alright as long as you ensure it complements your place’s ambiance and style.

Simple to Install. It is a big place if your headboard is simple to install when it is delivered to your home. Simple and hassle-free installation indicates it musty have updated and clear instructions, have spare parts and takes only less of your time.

Design. Every individual is different and has his or her style. What works for one individual may not work for the other. However, you must consider something both of you would want, especially if you are living with your partner.

As mentioned, you will find many designs you can pick from in the market. The most typical ones are wooden, subtle, simple, traditional, neo-classic, tufted headboard, and upholstered headboard. What’s more, you can also pick from a broad spectrum of colors accessible from various stores.

Width.One of the most critical aspects of choosing a bed wood frame is ensuring it will fit well along with the bed frame. Many headboards today will fit the frame, as long as you obtain the headboard’s width to match the bed wood frame.

Materials. You need to be extra careful and meticulous about your headboard’s makeup. The materials utilized will distinguish how stylish, supportive, and durable it will be. It will help if you pay attention to the type of fabrics, wood, and other materials, which make up the piece.

Function.You like a headboard, which is going to improve the entire look of your bedroom and not complicated your experience. When we talk about the duration to construct your bed, you are going to like to have a headboard, which enables the room to put padded comforters on comfortably and room to tuck fitted sheets.

Leg Stability.The entire stability of your assembled framework substantially depends on the legs. For the legs, you need to find something durable and sturdy such as metal or wood. Bolting and screwing the legs while assembling must remain simple and hassle-free. You must check out if the bolts or screws are enough to support the entire system.

Q: Can I use a headboard even without the bed frame?

Certainly, several headboards today are created to not utilize a frame at all. Such headboards are attached to the wall, offering you the liberty to utilize no matter what frame, box spring, or mattress combination you’d want to.

Is your headboard made to be installed to a frame? Then you may like to be more creative with how you attach it to the wall. However, it’s still possible to utilize your headboard even without the frame itself.

Q: How do you secure a freestanding board?

You will find a few headboards, which come with the hardware essential for attaching to the wall. However, let’s think that yours did not. You can buy interlocking flush-mount brackets at your local home center or hardware store.

Those could be connected to your headboard’s framework from behind and in corresponding locations on the wall. Further, you can utilize a French cleat and span the rear of your headboard and various wall studs.

Q: How can I prevent my headboard from moving?

Keep in mind that loose bolts connecting the headboard to the bed are the major culprit of this. You need to ensure every bolt is tightly screwed into the bed frame, but not that tight that it can cause damage when the frame is wood.

Is your headboard both attached and wall-mounted to the frame? Then ensure the bed is not moving, or you could ruin the headboard, frame, and wall altogether. Do you find your bolts stripped? Then you can purchase new ones. As a preventive measure, you can also purchase bolt adhesive that is widely accessible at many hardware stores.

Q: What type of bed frame do I need to install my headboard on?

Commonly metal bed frames are made with many retrofitting choices for a broad spectrum of headboards. However, most wood-like synthetic and real wood bed frames are made with mount points and for an array of headboards.

You don’t essentially need to match items when we talk about your bed frame and headboard combination. However, it’s crucial to ensure two things:

·         The maximum adjustable height of the headboard will clear the head of the bed, particularly if it doesn’t have wall-mounting options

·         The headboard you purchase is made for the size bed frame you have Keep in mind that the best-tufted headboard might not be the ideal one, which fits your frame. Therefore, the function and balancing form is essential.

Q: What are the benefits of buying a wall-mounted headboard?

You will find a plethora of advantages of using a headboard. Below are some of the vital benefits you need to know.

Improved choice options

You will find different choices in material, design, tone, color, and shape when we talk about picking a headboard. Headboard units are made to cater to individual preferences, tastes, and styles with fine wood headboard panels to plush linen upholstery.

A decent headboard option matches your personal space, your overall décor, not to mention it blends well along with the room’s ambiance.

Ease of installation

Installing a headboard is typically time-consuming and need some great skills. However, the wall-mounted headboard is quite simple and straightforward to install. You see, the setup process for a wall-mounted headboard is as basic as hanging a picture on your wall.

Most headboards these days come with extra accessories to help you hang the panels appropriately. In rare situations, additional tools are needed like stud finders, drill, tape, and level.

Suits nearly all bed frames

Did you know that wall-mounted headboards are made to fit all types of bed frames? Headboards made by various manufacturers are made to suit various bed sizes and can be picked based on your personal needs.

Most headboards today are composed of numerous customized panels to add based on the area and size of coverage required.

Improves aesthetic factor

Headboards could be added as an accent in your bedroom. It can also be utilized to create both floating and fluctuating looks, as they are connected to the wall. Such units are accessible in unique, sober, and trendy styles, which complement well along with your space’s décor.

You may prefer to personalize a headboard according to its construction and design. You may also like to utilize it as a decorative piece to boost the feel and look of your space. Various headboards have different patterns, helping you create a sense of uniqueness and complement them with sophisticated comfort.

Extra features

A headboard nowadays comes with an array of exciting benefits and features, which encompass beyond its regular functionality. A great example of such is sound-proofing. Most headboard suppliers create these units with sound-proof materials, ensuring they isolate noise and support in sound-proofing of the space. That type of headboard makes an excellent option in recording studios too.

Another good example of a decent feature is the organizer or bookcase design in the headboard unit. That design is intended to save precious space, helping you arrange your stuff and books in your headboard unit’s compartments.


As you can see, you will find different headboard options for you to choose from. They differ in price tags and styles. So, getting the best-valued headboards must be practical, and a few of them even provide shipping.

Picking the best headboard for your bed frame may appear like a challenging and complicated job. However, offering you the best options like the ones we’ve highlighted in this review, you must be able to find the perfect item, which fits your standards quite well.

That’s all for our best headboard review. We hope you find one of those headboards ideal for your bedroom. What are your thoughts about this post? Share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below!