Best Indoor Garden Kit of 2021

Gardening has been and will be an essential activity, even if the way we do it has changed many times over time. Growing herbs in your house were something unusual and strange for our ancestors. With the technological evolution that has taken place in recent years, many things considered uncommon in the past are today things that make our lives much more comfortable and without which nothing would be the same, like gardening in your house.

If you want herbs in your kitchen all the time, and you should, don’t just buy them and keep them in the fridge until you need them. Nowadays, you can easily raise it right in your house without any problem with an indoor herb kit, where you can grow herbs like basil, cilantro, thyme, parsley, chives, and even Thai basil or Genovese basil that are easy to plant in your house.

According to many experts, the best indoor growing kit for you is one that’s not very complicated to use. “The best planters are the ones you can keep by your windowsill and water less than once a week.” Some of the most common planters are those from Click and Grow or AeroGarden harvest. Neither Click and Grow nor AeroGarden Harvest is on our list, but it is important to mention them.

Before we show you the best 5 garden kits that will make you a real green thumb, we will reveal some aspects that make an excellent indoor garden kit.

Indoor Herb Garden Kit Buying Guide

As we said before, the best planter should be easy to use and no time-consuming. However, this is not the only criterion that makes an excellent indoor kit. Its material, the elements it comes with, and the type of plants it supports are essential things to consider when buying a smart garden.

What are Indoor Herb Garden Kits?

This question is quite often asked by those who have little to do with gardening. To fully understand what a smart garden is, you must first understand the growth process of a plant. For example, a flower needs first soil, water, light, and care to raise healthy. A herb kit does all of this for you. All you have to do is to make sure to add water and set seeds. The rest of the process is done by machine.

What can You Grow in a Herb Kit?

Planting herbs using soil disks is an excellent method to get the best results. Using a herb kit, gardening at home is like a game. Some common herbs that you can raise are basil, curly parsley, dill, thyme, herbs that you can easily cultivate in your house using the best herb kits.

Top 5 Best Garden Kits

When buying a herb kit, it is crucial to take into consideration every aspect of it to see if it fits your needs.

In the following list, we will reveal the five best herb garden kits to you, and the only thing you need to do is choose one that suits your needs. Growing herbs at home were never as easy as today. Let’s begin!

Hydroponic Growing System, Garden Starter Kit

The first product on our list is the Hydroponics growing system. It is a smart garden for home, equipped with an automatic timer, and designed to cultivate any type of seed, from vegetables to herbs if you want.

Equipped with 24-Watt LED lights, the hydroponic system simulate the sunlight spectrum, promoting veggies’ photosynthesis in any weather. Indoor gardening with veggies can be placed in the kitchen, bedroom, or office. It can also be used in children’s education, helping them observe the process of growth in real-time. Parents and grandparents will also love to have vegetables and herbs the entire year.

The hydroponics growing system uses two modes for the water pump. In normal mode, it works for 5 mins and pauses for 30 mins. Switch the water pump to sleep mode by long-pressing the “PUMP SWITCH” for 5 seconds, and it will turn off for 12 hours. It will then return to the normal cycle.

Also, it has three smart modes for different stages.: In normal mode, it works 14h-on and 10h-off-cycle, with red, blue, and white LED lights. When plants are growing, it works 16h-on and 8h-off-cycle, with red and white LED lights. The last mode, enjoy mode, works 12h-on and 12h-off-cycle, with 50% red and white LED lights.


  • Extendable light post
  • Automatic turn lights On/Off
  • Simplified control panel
  • Easy to set up


  • The alarm for low water is really loud
  • Lights might not last long

Kids Flower Planting Growing Garden Kit

Growing plants in the house aim to ensure healthy food and help children better understand this wonderful creation of nature, and as such, the Kids flower planting growing kit is the perfect tool for kids, not just because it is easy to use and easy to set but it also contains many tools that children can play with and try countless ways to raise plants.

The metal pots are strong and durable; the surface of the bucket is smooth. Let children paint and personalize their own fairy tale garden to unleash their creativity!

Kids’ imagination is unlimited, so the kit comes with 3 tin flowerpots of different sizes to plant more flowers, 4 garden tools, 5 paintbrushes, 1 paint plate, and 12 kinds of color pigments. Also, the kit includes 8 plant tags, 1 watering bottle, 1 work mat, and 3 flowerpot bottom tray. Everything you need has been prepared for you in planting and creation.


  • Simple to personalize with any color and pattern
  • Comes with high-quality paint
  • Kid-friendly
  • Easy to setup


  • Not as spacious as it seems in the images

LeJoy Garden Seed Sprouter Tray

The LeJoy Garden Seed is a remarkable herb growing kit by having an innovative tray. The planter has dense small holes, perfect to buy if you don’t want to use pots. The little holes in the bottom help the sprouts take root easily.

Also, around the tray, they are useful for ventilating and prevent the root from rotting, making it good to plant food. The dimension of holes is perfect for plants to take roots properly. As the hole is smaller than any type of seed, the seeds won’t fall through the holes. All water and nutrients remain in the soil.

The kit is made from BPA free PP material, so the seeds will take roots and live in soil with no chemical substances or additives. That way, you and your family can enjoy healthy sprouts for salads, sandwiches, and soups.

Being a smart garden, the kit comes with instructions. However, even a kid can raise any type of seed easily, without any problem. But, make sure to check the instructions even if it seems simple to set because problems can appear at any time.

Both seed sprouter and storage tray can sprout multiple types of seeds, soya bean, mung bean, peanut, black bean, wheat, and many more seeds, and even herbs, like basil, parsley, and more.


  • Comes with 6 support points to prevent distortion caused by overweight
  • Adequate ventilation, thanks to the grid around the side.
  • Fairly priced
  • Big capacity and easy to setup


  • It is large and can be a problem for some.
  • Air holes might be flawed

Ivation 7-Pod Indoor Herb Garden Kit

Ivation 7-Pod is an indoor herb garden kit equipped with a hydroponic germination system and an adjustable LED light, perfect for growing fresh herbs or food. The kit comes with an all-in-one starter kit that includes all the equipment and supplies you need to set and cultivate your favorite herbs and plants all over the year right in your house. The most common herbs are basil, curly parsley, dill, or even Thay basil. The kit independently selects seeds, so you don’t have to worry about it.

With the included telescoping post, you can extend lamp height [min 7.8”/max 19.7”] to maximize coverage and achieve a good angle for plants. The 25W 6000k 120-lumen bright white, led emit red, white, and blue light for a full spectrum growth simulation.

The herb garden kit comes with a touch-operated, multi-mode control panel to easily and comfortably enjoy the art of hydroponic system science. Working in three easy planning modes, it offers the perfect lighting cycles based on plant maturity. Grow mode, 16h, Normal mode, 14h, and Enjoy mode, 12h. Self-regulating technology helps plants to grow faster and healthier than in the outdoors.

A large 3,5 L water tank provides the perfect environment for roots and stems from thriving and growing equally without insects, algae, or other threats.


  • The LED light perfectly simulates the sunlight.
  • It is spacious, you can plant many seeds.
  • Fairly priced
  • Easy to use


  • The kit does not come with seeds
  • Lights might need to be changed often

Mindful Design Stackable LED Indoor Kit

Space will always be a problem when you decide to grow herbs and plants in your house. Here is where the Mindful Design garden kit comes in. It is a specially designed indoor herb garden kit, with two stackable planters, which are excellent for small apartments, offices, bedrooms, or for when the climate outside isn’t suitable. This modern-style indoor planter has a sleek design and several features to give you everything you need to raise plants, flowers, succulents, veggies, and herbs comfortably inside your home.

The bright 850 lumens 4000k LEDs on each level simulates natural sunlight, making plants and herbs growing faster and healthier.

The kit’s dimension is 16.5″ L x 5.6″ W x 11.4″ H on each level, offering plenty of space to cultivate your favorites herbs. The seeds, plants, and pots are not included, so you need to buy them separately.

Another notable property of the kit is the freedom it offers in planting herbs and plants. You can plant anything. When it comes to this kit, no particular seed pods or other equipment is necessary. You can grow any plant anything you want as long as you have enough space. This kit is great for fresh herbs to leafy greens, even vegetables, or flowers. Since the stacked set-up exists, it may let you have more options simultaneously, or you can remove the plants.


  • Simple assembly and lightweight materials.
  • Two stackable levels
  • Affordable price


  • The frame is not strong enough, it can break under pressure.
  • Space might not be enough for bigger plants

What is the Best Garden Kit?

Mindful Design Stackable LED Garden Kit, is perfect for your home, especially if space is a problem for you, thanks to the design, built on two levels, to be able to set more in a smaller space.

As it does not have special plant pods and no extra equipment is required, imagination is the only limit. You can grow any seed you wish, everything from herbs, vegetables, or fruits, all in your house.

What is the Best Indoor Grow System?

In the list above, we have presented some of the best planters, herb growing kits, which you can buy with confidence. The best indoor system is the Hydroponic Growing System, just because it uses two modes for the water pump, so you don’t have to worry about watering the plants. Hydroponic gardening is a new method to grow plants without using soil, and all the nutrients are delivered to the seed through the water to get the desired results.

However, there are other good planters, including Click and Grow or AeroGarden Harvest. A grow smart garden from Click and Grow good for flowers or fruits is Smart Garden 9, offering automatic watering. To have fruits with it, all you have to do is add pots, seeds, and water and get immediate results. Click and Grow also produce herb growing kits.

What is the Best Indoor Garden?

Provided with a sizeable 3,5L water tank, Ivation 7-Pod Indoor Herb Garden is a planter that uses the hydroponic method to grow almost any type of herb seed and to get the best results. As it uses a hydroponic method, this grow smart garden is perfect for those who are using soil disks is a pleasure.

The planter uses smart LED lights with height adjustments and can not be considered a herb window garden, as it doesn’t need natural sunlight to get fast-growing plants.

However, not mentioned in the above list, AeroGarden Harvest is also a good planter for indoor use. AeroGarden Harvest also uses the hydroponic method. It uses no soil to get the best results and doesn’t need a seed starter, as it does all the work. So if none of the above pleases you, AeroGarden might be a solution.

What is the Easiest Seed to Grow Indoors?

A grow smart garden should be able to grow any type of seeds. Even if you use a herb window garden or a self-sustainable planter, there is one seed that is easy to have inside, even if you are new to growing seeds inside. It is basil. Basil is a fantastic seed to grow, and it does well both in the ground and in pots. As you are growing it inside, pots would be a better choice for you.


A good home indoor herb garden may earn time for you and your family. Even if you choose the best garden from our list, AeroGarden or any other garden, make sure that it suits your needs, is it for children or adults? Or what do you want to grow? Do you have enough space? We hope that our article helped you in making a decision, happy planting, and let us know which products you have tried out and how they worked for you!