best mouse traps

Best Mouse Traps

If you have problems with rodents, then you might want to consider using some mouse traps. These devices get rid of mouses easily and will keep your home safe from invasions. Some of these devices will either kill, scare or simply trap them.

Depending on your needs, we have done the needed research to provide you with different kinds of mouse traps that you can work with, understand how to use them, and which are the best for your intentions.

Before we present to you the top 6 best mouse traps, let us briefly explain to you the different types of traps that exist.

Different Kinds of Mouse Traps

There are many types of mouse traps on the market, but there are also differences between them. All catch mice but, choosing the best mouse traps for you depends on a series of factors like your comfort dealing with dead rodents and, of course, the budget.

Let’s see what the main types of mouse traps are.

Spring-loaded Mouse Trap

The spring-loaded mouse traps are nothing else but the traditional snap traps that Jerry the mouse tries to avoid.  These are the most common and widely used traps.

Invented back in the 19th century, the snap traps represent an effective and affordable way to kill mice. Setting up these traps is, however, a little more complicated and requires attention. You don’t want to injure your fingers, right?

Also, it is recommendable to use a pair of gloves when you operate the snap trap. The nasty mice have a good sense of smell, and they will know that you touched the trap.

The spring-loaded mousetrap has a small bait cup where you can place a tiny dab of peanut butter or other scented food. Next, you pull the metallic lever back to 90 degrees and place the snap trap along the walls. Ideally, the trap should be facing the wall.

When the mouse steps on the plate, the metallic snap bar is released and snaps, killing the rodent in the process. Although you will see the dead mouse, it is a humane way to kill these invaders. The traps are reusable and, due to their design, you don’t have to touch the corpse.

As a downside of these snap traps, we must note that you will see the dead critter, which can be difficult for some. Also, make sure you set these traps where kids and pets do not have access.

Overall, a snap bar trap is a better solution than glue traps that might cause suffering to the mice.

Electric Mouse Trap

The electric mouse traps are the favorites of many people as they have a very high success rate. They kill mice very quickly, and you will not have to see the dead rodent as the unit is usually enclosed.

The electric mouse traps are a little expensive than snap traps or glue traps. However, because they are reusable, the electric mouse traps represent a good investment.

These devices are easy to set and clean. All you have to do is to bait the trap and place it. The bait cup is located at the back of the unit so that the mouse is forced to enter the trap fully. Once the rodent steps on the sensor, a high voltage shock instantly kills it. As soon as you remove the mouse, you can use the trap again.  

But, like any other product, they have some downsides. Like any other electric device, these traps should avoid humidity. Their inside electrical components might short-circuit if too much moisture gets inside. That translates into more care when you clean the trap.

Also, remember not to wait more than a day before emptying the trap between kills. The mice live in groups and, if you see one, there are more to hunt. So, empty and clean the trap and set it up again. If you want to get rid of the mouse problem as quickly as possible, consider placing two or three traps in strategic locations.

To summarize, the electric mouse traps represent one of the best alternatives to the traditional snap traps. They provide an effective way to kill the mice without the need to see or to touch them.

Live-capture Mouse Trap

The vast majority of mouse traps aim to eliminate the mice problem by killing the tiny invaders. But not all people are willing to cause the death of rodents.

Unlike glue traps or snap traps, live-capture mouse devices are the best solution for animal lovers. These traps will catch and release the mice without doing them harm apart from scaring them.

There are two types of traps that will not kill mice: metal cages and plastic tubes. Although both types are efficient, there is a slight preference for the metal style cage mouse traps. The small plastic tubes are not comfortable for the mice as spending several hours inside will overstress and panic them. They need sufficient space to move around and enough holes to breathe. Another pro for using metal cages is their durability.

Some of the live-capture traps offer the possibility to capture more than one mouse at a single time. Wouldn’t it be nice to relocate an entire family of mice instead of isolating one little rodent?

As for downsides, there are not too many. You will need to monitor the traps more often, and you will also need to drive the mice away from your home.

These traps are easy to use. You have to bait them with some enticing treats, place them along the walls, and wait for the mice to enter. A trigger will snap the door shut. With that being said, let’s see which are the top 6 best mouse traps.

Top 6 Best Mouse Traps

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap

Victor provides some of the best electronic mouse traps on the market. This company’s electronic mouse trap is an alternative to traditional ways to fight the destructive rodents.

The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap will kill a mouse in seconds using a high voltage shock. Although it sounds rough, this is the best humane way to get rid of the pest.

As a plus, the device features a series of safety elements intended to protect children and pets. Compared to glue traps or snap devices, this item features a series of safety elements designed to protect children and pets.

But how do these traps work? They function with an advanced smart technology that senses when the mouse is inside the trap tunnel and delivers the shock. The device is specially designed to keep the rodent inside so there is no escape. Place the mouse trap bait, arm it, and empty – it’s that easy.

Using a set of 4 AA batteries, the trap has a 100 mice kill per set. You will need to purchase the batteries separately as they are not included in the package. With each kill, the indicator light on top of the trap flashes indicating the capture. All you have to do is to empty the container into the trash. The no-see and the no-touch system prevents you from seeing dead mice.

Since this trap does not use poison or glue, it is safe to use around children and house pets. Also, Victor electronic mouse trap is reusable and can protect you from mice invasion for years.

Authenzo Humane Smart No Kill Mouse Trap Catch

Although mice are nasty rodents that infest our homes, many people do not wish to kill them. You can indeed send them away with no killing. For this category of homeowners, Authenzo designed a mouse trapper that will only capture the rodent without causing any harm, called the Authenzo Humane Smart No Kill Mouse Trap Catch.

Easy to use and clean, this trap has a pleasing design, and it is safe for both children and pets. All you have to do is to open the compartment trail door, place the mouse trap bait into the food compartment, open the spring door, and wait. As soon as Stuart Little enters the trap, the spring door closes. After you captured the rodent, you can set it free into the wild, far from your home.

When it comes to design, the Authenzo humane mouse trap is a durable item made from ABS material and features air holes to prevent the mouse from choking. No glue or other chemicals are used, so this is a perfectly safe device to be used around children and pets.

However, this trap is recommended for larger species such as rats and cats. Make sure you keep your feline companion away from the area where you place the trap.

The package includes two mouse traps at an affordable price, thus making it the best deal. You can now chase two rodents at the same time.

Authen Mouse/Rats Trap

Authen offers a good deal for those who want to get effectively rid of mice. The package contains six traps, and the price is quite affordable. If you want to describe this product using only three words, these would be efficient, durable, and hygienic. The rodent will not feel any pain.

Targeting both rats and mice, this trap is made from durable ABS plastic and does not retain any odor or stains. It can be washed and reused anytime you face a rodent invasion. As a plus, you don’t have to touch anything apart from the trap’s tail when you set up the bait cup. As such, there is no risk of injuring your fingers.

The Authen mouse trap can hold a rat with 50% more force than a traditional trap, and it requires only 15 grams of weight to trigger the device. After you hear the relieving snap, all you have to do is to release the dead rodent in a trash can without touching it.

Authen is the best when it comes to customer service. The products come with a money refund policy in case you are not happy with the results. They will even replace the faulty traps from your six-pack.

Victor Easy Set Mouse Traps

The Victor snap traps are a modern interpretation of the original wooden based snap traps. Also made from wood, this modern version of the classical Victor mouse traps features a plastic pedal that smells like cheese. Yes, this is correct – this mouse trap is pre-baited.

This mouse trap does not require poison or glue, so it’s safe to use it around the house. Kids and pets should be kept away, though, as they might injure their fingers or paws.

An adjustable trigger action the swiss cheese pedal, and you can control the sensitivity. You can use one of the two settings – firm or sensitive. Due to the pedal’s larger size, the mice stand no chance. Either attracted by the cheese scented bait or just scampering on the floor, Victor’s snap trap will catch them. You can then empty the trap and reuse it, or simply throw it away.

For maximum efficiency, the manufacturer recommends to use several snap traps and, although it is pre-baited, to use some peanut butter or even chocolate. Everybody is familiar with the rodents’ affinity for food.

The package comes with four snap mouse traps that can be used both indoors or outdoors. And the price is not that high, so buying these traps is the best deal.

JT Eaton Jawz Plastic Mouse Trap

In the case of mice invasion, JT Eaton comes with a great offer meant to save you from the rodents’ attack – a pack of 24 mouse traps for both liquid and solid bait.

Easy to set and safe, these mouse traps are an excellent alternative to the traditional wooden snap traps. It can be armed by foot or hand, and, when its red label faces upward, it indicates that the trap is ready to catch mice. The vast majority of users recommend using peanut butter as bait.

These traps are smaller than other models and can be discretely placed under furniture or other tight areas. Although killing mice is not desirable, sometimes it is the only way you can remove the pest from your home. And since you have to do it, you’d better choose a quick and effective method. JT Eaton’s mouse traps are the best solution for this.

Made from durable plastic, these traps are reusable. When it comes to tips and tricks on using these traps, a bit of general advice from the users is to place two traps facing each other and touching. This particular model is perfect for setting it up along walls.

The product comes with 1-year limited warranty for defects in material and workmanship. According to the general opinion, this is the best bar snap mouse trap on the market.

Trapper Hidden Kill Mouse Trap

The Trapper mouse trap represents a discreet and effective option for trapping and killing mice. The trap’s sleek design makes it perfect for many areas, including corners’ placement.

Featuring a two-way entry, this device allows the mouse to enter from either direction. Its removable bait cup makes it easy to set and safe to use. You will never have to touch or see a dead mouse again.

Once the mouse is captured, the kill mechanism will quickly put it out of its misery. You then throw it away without seeing or touching the rodent. Some might see this as a downside as these traps are single-use.  

This mouse trap can be used in different areas, both outdoors and indoors. It is an affordable solution for pest control, although it can be used just once. The product comes in a four-pack, so you can place it in four locations of your home at the same time.

Important Things to Consider When Buying a Mousetrap

There are many things to consider when buying mouse traps that work well. You need to find the best mouse trap regarding the ease of use, effectiveness, and whether it is humane or not. Controlling the pest problem is the ultimate goal.

Ease of use and size:

All customers look for an easy to use mouse trap as nobody wants to get their fingers injured. Big snap bar traps are also desirable as they may be used for capturing both mice and bigger rodents. The glue traps also might work nicely if placed along the walls and close to each other.


A good mousetrap must be easy to set. Although efficient, Snap traps can be challenging to operate and may require a significant amount of force to arm them after you added the bait. Placing bait and cleaning should also be easy to do. Glue traps might be challenging to use as they are very sticky.


For successful pest control, you need the most efficient mouse traps on the market. There are many options to choose from, so finding the most efficient shouldn’t be hard.

Depending on the budget, whether it is humane or not, and how many mice you think you have, you may choose from various types of traps.

Electronic traps are quite expensive but are the best in areas where are fewer rodents. These are also larger than other models, so they cannot be used anywhere. However, they deliver a humane kill comparing to a glue trap.

Glue traps are quite messy, do not always kill the rodent, and cannot be used outdoors.  To set a mousetrap can also be challenging and sticky.

Snap bar traps are the most common type and, when used correctly, can get rid of mice quite efficiently. Many people believe these are the best traps.

Catching mice without killing them is an option for those who don’t have too many unwanted visitors in the surrounding areas. It also involves an extra effort to transport living creatures far away from your house. But, if you pity the captured mice, you can get one of the live-capture traps.


If you tried alternative pest control methods and still have mice around the house, maybe it is time to use a mousetrap. Like always, safety comes first. Knowing every type of trap’s specs helps you make the best decision for you and your family and pets.

To summarize, make sure you have enough strength to set a snap trap. Also, keep your electronic traps away from moisture, and never use a glue trap where children and pets may reach.


What is the most effective mouse trap?

The most effective mouse trap is the one that gets rid of mice quickly, and it’s safe to use around the house. We presented you with many options. However, it looks like the most common choice is the snap bar mouse trap. Set it up and place it along walls, and your pest problem will soon be solved.

What kind of mouse traps do professionals use?

A pest control professional will first inspect your home to determine the entry points and the places where rodents are active. After the seal off the entry points, the exterminators will place a rodent bait-station. The poisonous bait is safely locked inside, out of reach.

Using rodenticides is the best solution for the complete extermination of mice and rats. However, this is a job for professionals.

What food is irresistible to mice?

Although mice always seek food and chew many things, they have a particular affinity for powerful scented foods. We must mention peanut butter, hazelnut spread, chocolate, cheese, and bird seeds among the most effective baits. Placing the trap correctly and using one of these baits will help you eliminate the nasty rodents.

Where do you put mouse traps?

To ensure effective trapping of mice, you should place your traps in the areas where rodents are active. Another piece of advice is to set the traps about 2 to 10 feet apart and facing walls. Mice usually move along walls, and you get a better chance to catch them. If the infestation is in your home’s liveable areas, the traps should be placed under furniture and appliances. Do not forget the corners.

How do you successfully trap a mouse?

If you want to trap mice successfully, you should set more than one trap. Spotting the entry points is also essential, as you can focus on that area of your home. Another trick is to use scented food as bait and refrain from touching the traps with your bare hands. Mice will sense the human smell and will avoid the traps.

Why are mice not going to traps?

There are several reasons for which mice avoid traps. One of them may be the human scent. In case you set the device without wearing gloves, the rodent will sense your presence.

Another reason might be that using a new trap, and the plastic scent will send them away. Leave the traps without baits for some time so they could get used to their presence.  

Do mice learn to avoid traps?

Yes, they can learn that traps are bad for them. In case you don’t remove a dead rodent after the trap did its job, the other critters will sense the smell of death. Thoroughly clean the traps before using them again. Also, you should wear gloves when you set them and place the bait.

Alternatively, you might want to use a live-capture trap. Apart from offering a humane possibility for trapping mice, the smell of rodent urine reassures the other critters that it is safe to inspect the area.

How do I know if I have a mouse infestation?

Seeing a mouse scampering around the house does not mean you face a mice invasion. Maybe the little one was just passing by.

However, it is good to look for signs like rodent droppings, tail trails, stale odors, or tracks. Hearing strange noises during the night may also be a sign of a pest problem.

What attracts mice to homes?

Mice are looking for food, warmth, and shelter. If you leave food waste around and your house is untidy, it is even better for the little invaders.

This is why it is important to maintain a clean house. And get prepared especially when winter is approaching. Set mouse traps and place them on the entry points to stop mice from getting inside.

What is the best mouse trap bait?

Mice are attracted by different types of food, especially if it is highly scented. You can use many dishes to bait the hungry rodents. However, the general opinion is that peanut butter makes the perfect bait for all types of mouse traps.

Not only that peanut butter sticks to the bait cup, but it is also impossible for mice to steal it. And since they cannot refuse a delicious meal, they will enter the traps without hesitating.

Are mice smart enough to avoid traps?

No, mice are not that smart to figure out how traps work. However, it seems that after a successful catch, your traps are not being visited anymore. The explanation is simple: mice rely on the sense of smell.

Mice can sense human scent, so try wearing some gloves when you set up the trap. If you use a trap that kills the mice, make sure you check them periodically and remove the dead rodents. In case the dead mouse lies in the trap for a day, the other critters sense the smell of death and avoid the area.

How can I naturally repel mice?

In case you don’t want to use traps to catch the mice, you may choose a natural method to sort the problem.

The first step should always be house cleaning. Removing food waste and adequately storing your supplies will discourage the hungry mice from visiting your home.

Use peppermint oil, cayenne pepper, and cloves in the areas where you found a sign of intrusion.

If you don’t have a cat and not planning to adopt one, you may try to use plastic tubes filled with kitty litter. The smell of cat urine keeps the mice away.


Although mice are depicted as friendly and cute creatures, the truth is they may create numerous problems. Spreading diseases or causing material damage to your property, sometimes there is no other option but to catch them.

In case your cat is overwhelmed or the natural oils do not work, there is a wide variety of mouse traps easy to bait and use. We reviewed some of the most popular choices for you, and we hope you will decide which one best works for you.