best snow blowers

Best Snow Blowers

If you’re not sure how to choose a good snow blower, keep in mind that the best snow blower should clear your path in approximately a quarter of the time it takes you to shovel it manually. When it comes to width and how much it can clean, you should pick a good Snow Joe, Husqvarna ST, Cub Cadet, Troy Bilt Arctic Storm, or a Toro Snowmaster 724 with two-stage snow blowers or even three-stage, that has at least 18 inches clearing and can throw the snow at 40 feet or more.

Another important aspect is the type of power source it works on. The power steering can be greatly increased in 24-inch two-stage gas snow blowers like the 2X™ 24 Cub Cadet, while electric two-stage models might not be as powerful but are easier to use and have a lighter weight. They all have their pros and cons, but it all depends on your needs, preferences, and of course the price range you are looking for. The best snow blowers can be found by knowing exactly what you want from them.

Before we reveal to you to top 9 best snow blowers currently available on the market, let us discuss what makes a good snow blower, and what you should look for when buying one. Let’s begin, as winter is coming!

Top 3 Snow blowers

Snow Blower Buying Guide

Snowblower necessities vary a lot depending on where you live and how strong the snow is there, so it might turn out to be an absolute personal need or just a nice luxury to own.

Thus, the most important criterion you have to consider is the amount of snow you usually have to remove every winter. Don’t let a previous experience discourage you from trying these products out, as they indeed do their jobs, if you know what to look for, and here is what to take into consideration!

Choosing the right tool

Snowblowers typically have price ranges from $80 to over $3,000, depending on features and size. If you know what you want, then it’s easy, but if you don’t, let us dissect snow blowers together, and see what might fit your needs.

Snow blower stages

All blowing machines use an auger to collect the snow and throw it out through a chute. Depending on stages, this is done through different methods, which makes the tool have various performance levels.

Power Source

There are three types of models when we speak of sources. The gasoline-fueled engines are usually the best, but there are electric corded models, as well as battery-powered tools available on the market.

Wheels vs. Tracks

All stages of blowing tools typically have wheels, whether they are self-propelled or must be pushed manually. Two and three staged machines might sometimes have tracks that are useful for hills and steep driveways.

Auger width

The auger width always covers either a large area when clearing snow or gives you the advantage of accessing small portions.

Control of the chute

Search for throwers that have control over the chute so that you can throw the snow in the desired direction.


You can find throwers with LED lights that come in very handy when you have to clean your driveway in the morning before going to work or coming home from work during the evening.

Adjustable handgrips

You might not think this is a major criterion, but if you have a large area to cover and are sick of manually shoveling, you should consider a machine with adjustable handgrips that won’t tire your arms.

The Way that Snow Blowers are Tested

Because of the fact that not even two snowflakes are alike, neither will the snow blower act the same in every situation. Tests must be run on something that will provide a consistent result, so instead of actual snow, Consumer Reports uses a mixture of sawdust that is saturated with water. This is used under the form of a regular snowfall and is also molded into a mound such as the ones left behind the town plows near your driveway.

These simulations are used in order to calculate and note the way the snow blowers clean the surface. The performance results are combined with other surveys from many Consumer Reports members. Tests are made on every snow blower and shovel brand, from the most powerful two and three-stage blowers that usually have a width between 24 to 30 inches to one-stage models that are typically up to 21 inches. Snow shovels are designed and tested to work in places where a snow blower would be overkill.

Differences Between One-stage, Two-stage, and Three-stage Snow Blowers

Snow blowers gather the snow and throw it away in another location. The augers in front of the blowers gather the snow and throw it back out through the chute. Let us see the differences between one-stage, two-stage, and three-stage snow blowers.

The one-stage snow blower

The one-stage machines, such as the ones from Husqvarna ST and Toro Snowmaster, gather the snow with the help of the auger into a smaller area and throw it through a continuous motion out of the blower, clearing your path.

Another particular aspect is that this type of model has the auger making direct contact with the ground, which means that it can gather more than snow, endangering the machine. This is why it is more suitable for asphalt, concrete, and brick and cannot be used on gravel.

This type of snow blowers work extremely well in areas where storms are light, and snowfall does not make a deposit bigger than 8 inches on the ground. This also means that it is preferably used on lighter and less compacted snow.

Differences between one stage and two-stage blowers

Two-stage blowers are different from the previously discussed models by the way the snow is blown after the auger collects it. The two-stage snow blower has an additional high-speed impeller that gathers the snow from the auger and then throws it out through the chute. This supplementary tool rotates at a much higher speed than the auger blade, which allows you to blow the snow farther away than you could have if you used a one-stage model.

With the two-stage snow blower, the auger does not touch the ground, which means you can use it without fear of damaging it. Various types of surfaces can be used, such as dirt and gravel, and those that the one-stage blower clears.

Two-stage snow blowers such as those from Cub Cadet and Troy Bilt are bigger and heavier than the first-mentioned because they are designed with bigger augers and much more powerful engines. The usual two-stage blower is self-propelled, which means that it moves through the snow by using its wheels. Although this feature might sometimes be found on the one-stage models as well, it is a big difference between them, the two-stage being a lot more effective.

Two-stage snow blowers can be used on areas where snowfall drops more than 8 inches of snow. Thus, the two-stage variants can also be used on heavier snow. These machines are quite compact and will deal well in any type of situation.

Differences between two-stage and three-stage blowers

A three-stage snow blower has another addition compared to the two-stage model, more specifically an extra auger, also known as an accelerator. It is positioned at an angle of 90 degrees to the main auger and has the role of breaking the ice and snow into little bits so that nothing can stand in its way.

These pieces then move into the impeller and out through the chute. The three-stage blowers are 30% faster in clearing the path than the two-stage machines and it is the best you can get from a snow blower.

A Cub Cadet or Troy Bilt three-stage gas snow blower is one of the best money can buy. But let’s not forget the costs are also very high, as well as their weight.

Snow blowers 101

If you are still unclear about the differences between one, two, or three-stage blowers, there is a TV show called “Consumer 101” in which a Consumer Reports expert will provide all the information you need about snow blowers so that you can choose the right one for you.

Top 9 best snow blowers

A shovel blower can be a convenient tool when it comes to clearing your stairs or walkways, but if you need to move the snow from a whole wide driveway, you should consider buying a stronger tool.

In the following paragraphs, we will present the top 9 best snow blowers you can find depending on your needs. Let’s dive straight into it!

Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

The Snow Joe SJ627E is one of the most powerful machines, accompanied by a great performance. Its engineers have given this snow blower maximum power and a wide clearing width, making it the best Snow Joe of its class.

The Snow Joe is an eco-friendly machine. This snow thrower uses both electric and gas power for an unlimited power of snow shredding. This Snow Joe has a 15-amp, which makes it great for clearing large areas such as driveways and walkways.

It is very easy to use the machine, as you won’t get entangled in any cords, and you won’t have to tune up, purr oil, or do any other frustrating maintaining jobs. All you need to do is push a button, and you are good to go.

It has 4 heavy-duty rubber-tipped blades, which allow this machine to move a high quantity of snow, more exactly, about 25 tons of snow per hour.

The Snow Joe SJ627E has an adjustable chute that can be turned to 180 degrees so that the snow is thrown 25 feet away. It also has a quality scraper bar at its base that has the purpose of clearing the ground without affecting your driveway, pavement, or deck.

Another cool feature is that it is very easy to handle, weighing just 35 lbs, so you can lift it and carry it wherever you need it, without breaking any bones. The product includes a user manual, and the Snow Joe is generally regarded as the best brand when it comes to snow blowers.


  • Lightweight – 35 lbs
  • Plowing capacity of 840 lbs/min
  • Clearing width of 22 in.
  • The motor of 15 amp
  • LED lights included
  • Safety switch
  • Includes user manual


  • Quieter than gas versions, but still a bit noisy
  • Not self-propelled
  • It does not include batteries

Earthwise SN70016 Electric Corded 12Amp Snow Shovel

This snow shovel will not disappoint when in need. It will make your life easier and your job of cleaning the driveway more efficient. It might not have the same power as a gas-fueled snow blower, but it is quite close and a lot cheaper. With a motor of 12 amp, snow will be history in a width of 16” and a depth of 8”, as this electric snow blower has a throwing capacity of 430 lbs.

Because the Earthwise SN70016 is so light, the blowing machine will not sink but will throw the snow away in layers. It is also equipped with a rear-wheel, which makes it even easier to move and transport.

It is very easy to use, as it doesn’t need any oil or gas to work. All you need to do is plug in the snow shovel, for it is powered by electricity.

This type of snow blower comes with features such as an auxiliary handle, rear wheels, cord retention, and thermal protection. Another great advantage is that it is easy to assemble and it includes a user manual.

The auxiliary handle can be adjusted to your desired height to make it as easy to use as possible. This is manageable by hand, so you won’t need any tools to do it.

The rear wheel makes it easy to use even if you have back problems and do not wish to lift anything. It can be moved with no effort in a very efficient way, thus you won’t get tired easily, and you will complete your work with more comfort.


  • Ultra-lightweight – 16 pounds
  • Includes user manual
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has built-in tightening screws
  • Throwing distance of 30 ft.


  • Not suitable for heavy snow sweeping
  • It does not include batteries
  • No LED lights
  • It does not have an adjustable chute

PowerSmart Snow Blower, PSSAM24, 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower

The PowerSmart Snow Blower is a true monster! The 212cc PowerSmart engine allows you to clear your driveway with much power. Your job will be done in no time with a width of 24 inches and a clearing of 20 inches deep. Have no fear of winter any longer because this two-stage snow blower is perfectly suitable for heavy wet snow. The 24 inch feature is one of the best additions you can wish for in a snow blower of this type.

This is one of the best 24 inch two-stage snow blowers you can find at a reasonable price, with many speed variations. The drive system is composed of 6 forward and 2 backward speed shifts, which allow you to drive the gas snow blower as your personal car. And let’s not forget about the chute rotation of 180 degrees for a suitable control.

It has a very accessible electric start button, along with a manual starter. This 24 inch gas snow blower includes 13 inch inflatable tires making it handy even on slippery terrain. And that’s not all, for it comes with metal skid shoes that allow you to adjust the right height for you, depending on the tour working surface.

This gas-powered snow blower comes well packed, surrounded by a metal frame, and includes oil for your motor.

It is one of the best snow blowers when it comes to power, size, and the options that it offers, compared to its low price. Although it is heavier than an electric 24 inch snow blower, the machine’s power is much greater, and you do not need to worry that you have to put in the manual effort when it comes to going in deep wet snow.


  • 8 movement variations
  • 12” all-steel augers
  • Dual-trigger steering
  • Suitable for any amount of snow or wet snow
  • Includes two reverse speeds
  • 24 inch width of snow clearing


  • Weighs more than an electrical model, up to 143 pounds
  • Louder than electric snow blowers
  • Some people find it a bit difficult to assemble

TACKLIFE Snow Blower, 15-Amp, Electric Snow Thrower

You will hardly find electric snow blowers such as the Tacklife Snow Blower. It has a power of 15-amp with a motor made out of pure copper that can generate up to 2,900 RPM. This snow blower has up to 800 lb throwing capacity per minute. It is best suitable for medium-sized residential and commercial places.

This snow thrower has an auger made of steel, with 4 blades and a high resistance to cold weather and abrasion. It can clean a depth of 10 inches of snow and a portion of 20 inches wide. This snow blower is able to get away with any type of snow. Aside from the high inch clearing it provides, it can throw snow up to a distance of 30 ft.

The Tacklife snow blower is easy to maneuver thanks to the adjustable chute that can rotate 180 degrees and can throw snow at various distances and directions. It has the advantage of being light-weighted, weighing 30 lbs along with 7” wheels. You can thus carry it around easily without getting tired, and it is also easy to assemble.

Because safety comes first, the Tacklife snow blower has a drag that stops the electric start when made by accident. By releasing the handlebars, the snow thrower automatically stops. This type of blowers can resist even in temperatures of -13 degrees.


  • 15-amp motor
  • The long electrical cord of 100 ft
  • Plowing capacity of 800 lb
  • Light-weighted, with only 30 lbs
  • Cold-resistant cable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has self-propelled augur


  • Cannot handle heavy wet snow
  • Not suitable for gravel roads
  • It does not have two reverse speeds

Greenworks 2600402 Pro 80V 20-Inch Cordless Electric Snow Blower

The Greenworks Pro 80-Volt 20-in Cordless Electric Snow Blower is designed with an electric start, 20 inch clearing width, and 10 inch clearing depth. This electric snow blower has a power of 80-volt lithium-ion and rear wheels of 6 inches, giving you the advantage of being easy to maneuver.

This awesome model is equipped with a 2.0 Ah battery that has a run time of 45 minutes. The chute and deflector can rotate 180 degrees and can throw snow wherever you desire, just don’t target your neighbors! This kind of chute control makes snow removal the best fun chore, so it’s easy to forget that you are working.

You do not need to connect this model to a power source, but it is recommended to keep the battery at room temperature in order to get rid of as many pounds of snow as you need with an easy engine start. If it is too cold and the machine won’t start, keep the battery indoors for about 10 minutes, and you will then have the best snow blower experience.

This easy to use cordless electric snow blower has a warrant of 4 years and can be maneuvered without effort by women as well. The battery lasts a long time so that you can finish your work with no worries. Noise is not an issue, for it is one of the most silent snow throwers you can find on the market. A great disadvantage is that it isn’t suitable for heavy wet snow.


  • Brushless motor
  • Constant power
  • LED lights
  • Cordless snow blower
  • Battery-powered snow blower


  • Not suitable for heavy wet snow
  • Lights cannot be controlled manually.
  • Cannot adjust the length of handles

EGO Power+ SNT2102 21-Inch 56-Volt Cordless Snow Blower with Peak Power Two 5.0Ah Batteries and Charger Included

The Ego Power Snow Blower is one of the best snowblowers money can buy. This battery-powered snow thrower is designed with a cordless system and is as powerful as a gas snow blower. This electric snow blower is based on Peak Power technology.

With two ARC lithium batteries, this machine is capable of clearing heavy snow, even if it’s wet. The Ego Power snow thrower has a 21 inch clearing width and a very efficient brushless motor that will clear your way in no time.

Snow clearing becomes fun with the chute control that can throw away pounds of snow in the desired direction. Although it is a battery-powered snow blower with the best steel construction that requires no power source, this snow machine can throw snow at a 35-foot distance, with no noise, fumes, or fuss, but with the power of gas snow blowers.

This electric snow blower comes along with two 5.0Ah batteries and a rapid charger. It is designed with an electric start button, which saves you from complicated power-up maneuvers. You can control the speed to whatever is comfortable for you.

The LED lights let you see even when clearing snow during the night or early mornings before going to work. The snow blowers handle can be adjusted and folded so that it doesn’t bother you when in storage.


  • High power steering
  • Stage electric start
  • Long-lasting run time
  • This model comes assembled
  • Batteries and charger are included


  • Not self-propelled
  • Batteries must be charged separately but require a short period of time
  • Cannot attach an electric cord to this snow blower

Briggs & Stratton 1022E 22-Inch Single-Stage Snow Blower with Push Button Electric Start

The Briggs & Stratton Snow Blower model is one of the best single-stage snow blowers out there. It is a gas-powered snow blower designed with an electric start for easy use. The Briggs single-stage blower can clear a width of 22 inches of snow, with a motor power steering of 208cc, which makes snow removal a moment of relaxation. The clearing depth is of 12 inches of snow. These types of single-stage electric start snow throwers also have a remarkable chute control that can deflect pounds of snow with ease.

Although it is designed in a sturdy way, the Stratton 1022E single-stage snow blower is compact and light-weighted in order to be easily maneuvered. The engine power can produce 9.50 ft-lbs of gross torque.

The motor is a 4 stroke that doesn’t require mixing the oil with the gas. They have separate compartments, and the unit includes a bottle of 50w30 oil. The gas-powered snow blower’s oil capacity is of 20 ounces. It is recommended that you follow the markings on the dipstick when adding oil.

Being a single-stage gas snow blower, it requires an unleaded gas with a minimum of 87 octane/87 AKI. Make sure when using this machine that the ethanol content is equal to or below 10%.

The rubber paddles on this gas snow blower help the machine move forward, making it one of the semi-propelled single-stage models.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Includes electric start
  • Compact construction and light weighted
  • Can throw slush


  • It does not include batteries
  • Not suitable for gravel driveways
  • It does not have a height adjustment

SuperHandy Snow Thrower Shovel Electric Cordless DC 20V

The SuperHandy Snow Thrower is a single-stage snow blower that has a motor power steering of 20V with a clearing width of 10 inches of snow and 5 inches in depth. Even if it’s not a gas snow blower, this light machine has a snow removal of 300 lbs of snow per minute. It is one of the best overall snow blowers of it’s kind, with a throwing distance of 20’feet.

This single-stage snow blower can be started just by pushing a button and has a long run time that allows you to finish your job with ease. It is designed with an adjustable ergonomic handle and a curved dual auger blade, which makes snow removal a moment of peace in nature.

It is not recommended that you submerse this single-stage snow blower underwater, and you shouldn’t use it for heavy snow. It can be used in areas such as driveways, decks, steps, entryways, and many more.

This is one of the best selections when it comes to single-stage snow blowers. Don’t miss it! It is a great balance between power steering, speed, and lightweight. Single-stage blowers such as this one are easy to use by anyone, without breaking backs and pulling muscles.


  • Very light weighted with only 10.98 pounds
  • High power steering for a small machine
  • It does not require gas
  • Among the greatest of its class


  • Not suitable for heavy snow
  • It does not have two reverse speeds
  • Must be cautious not to get the snow blower too wet
  • Cannot discharge chute

YARDMAX YB4628 Single Stage Blower

The Yardmax YB4628 one stage gas snow blower will surely get your job done in no time. It is a high quality, performance, best single-stage machine found at a very low price. One-stage snow blowers of this type are hard to find, for they are suitable for both homeowners and professional workers.

With this gas snow blower, nothing can stay in your way. It is one of the best overall one-stage models that has compact dimensions and will not be a burden to maneuver. It is also easy to store because it doesn’t occupy as much space as other snow blowers.

The power steering of this one stage gas snow blower is something do dream of and will save you from much hard labor. It has a width of 18 inch snow clearing, and it is a self-propelled gas snow blower. Although it is not as big as other one-stage snow blowers with 24 inch width, you can use this one in smaller areas as well, making it more practical. It has a depth of 11 inches.

This single-stage gas snow blower is self-propelled so that you do not have to tire yourself or hurt your back and arms pushing. It practically does the job itself. The chute rotates 180 degrees so that you can throw the snow wherever you want. The model can be challenging to assemble though, and it is quite noisy.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to carry around or deposit
  • Self-propelled
  • Chute rotates 180 degrees
  • It has a 4 cycle engine


  • Noisier than an electric snow blower
  • No electric start button
  • It can be difficult to assemble for beginners

Best Brand for Snow Blowers

The best and currently the most appreciated brand when it comes to snow blowers is the Snow Joe. If you find yourself in need of a blowing machine and go to your local store, you may spend your money on something that isn’t exactly what is necessary for your situation.

On the other hand, the Snow Joe brand has a variety of snow blowers; whether it’s a two-stage blower with high power steering or an electric single-stage shovel, they will provide the best tool available for your needs.

Although you won’t find any three-stage gas machines or any gas-fueled snow blower for that matter, their electric tools are easy to use, powerful, silent, and most important, they are safe for the environment.

Compared to a Cub Cadet or a Troy Bilt, the Snow Joe has a better consumption, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on oil and gas, and not even on energy, because it doesn’t sacrifice much power.

The Best Two-stage Snow Blower

The PowerSmart Snow Blower PSSAM24 is the best two-stage model because of its high power, thanks to the 212cc engine and the big auger width of 24 inches clearing and 20 inches depth of snow removal. This makes it perfect for heavy wet snowfall and can be used in many areas and circumstances.

Although it is a gas-fueled machine, it was designed with an electric start in order to make it easier to maneuver. The driving system is more complex than those from other similar tools because it has six forward and two backward speed variations. These features give you an enhanced driving experience and make it superior compared to a Cub Cadet or a Troy Bilt machine.

This snow blower has a 180 degrees chute control and inflatable tires that can move through any slippery terrain. It can be adjusted to your height and convenience for easy use on variable surfaces.

The Best Affordable Snow Blower

For those who do not live in an area where you have to deal with heavy snowfall but still have to clear the driveway before going to work, the Earthwise SN70016 electric snow shovel is the best affordable snow blower for you.

You might probably be sick of shoveling manually, especially if you are running late for work and have seen neighbors using electric tools and leaving home in no time. You are in luck because these electric shovels are now available for domestic use. These tools are small and a lot cheaper than other big snow blowers such as a Troy Bilt and get your job done a lot easier.

The Earthwise SN70016 is a corded snow shovel, which means it is not a rechargeable model, but on the other hand, this means you do not have to worry about the time limit a battery would have. It has a 12 amp motor with 4500 rotations per minute.

This power provides a snow removal of 430 lbs every minute. It has the capacity of clearing 16 inches wide of snow from your path and 8 inches in depth, which is pretty impressive for this cheap tool. It weighs only 16 pounds and is the best cheap shovel that will save you a lot of time and effort.

The Best Small Snow Blower

Want to save up some space when storing your devices? Then the Greenworks Pro 80V cordless snow blower is one of the best tools you can find that comes in small dimensions, easy to use, and very lightweight. The power that this blower provides can be compared to gas-fueled models, making it a great acquisition for your home.

Don’t get lost when looking for a snow blower in the variety that there is on the market. Each tool has different features for different needs and people.

If you’re searching for a useful tool that will save you from the burden of manually shoveling and is easy to use, this is the snow blower you are looking for. The Greenworks cordless blower will satisfy your needs without breaking your back or requiring any effort from you. It is the best combination of power and a compact, light-weighted design.

This snow blower has a 20 inch snow cut, with a 180 degrees chute rotation that can throw the snow to a distance of 25 feet. It has an 80 Volt lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 45 minutes. It has a compact design that can be easily stored and just 33 pounds in weight.

The Worst Snow Blowers

Performance is the key to success, but it varies a great deal from a machine to another. The only tools that never fail are the three-stage models. These are the best you can find but are also highly expensive.

We will present two types of snow blowers that are not worth buying, a single-stage battery-powered blower and a one-stage gas machine.

The Power Smart PSS1210M is a one stage gas snow blower and is one of the poorest rated tools. It has a very slow clearing, and it might fumbles at times, but when faced with a mound of snow, it can actually just die. You won’t only have to clear the driveway manually just as before, but you will have to clean the machine as well. So, you shouldn’t try to waste money on such a product.

The Ryobi RY40850 is a battery-powered one-stage blower that is also very weak and slow and will effectively shut down when engaging a plow pile. Stay away from these cheap and low-quality tools if you do not want to spend money in vain.


When buying a snowblower, it’s best to take into consideration the place where you live, how strong are the snows, how much space you have for storage, your budget, and so on. Depending on your needs, we hope our recommendations regarding the best snow blower, the best budget version, or the smallest and easy to deposit model will suit your needs!

Clearing up the snow is very important, and with all the climate change, who knows what we will face in the future. It’s best to be prepared and have powerful tools ready to use whenever necessary, or you might use these machines for creative purposes! Good luck!