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How to Find the Best Snow Shovel

The first falling of snow is a magical event that often warms the heart, but it doesn’t generally take long before you remember just how much of a nuisance an abundance of it can really be.

As the weather grows colder and the number of inches of snow on your property rise, a tool that any homeowner is likely to need is a good quality snow shovel. These are essential during the cold season; especially in locations that tend to see heavier amounts of snowfall. With a variety of options available on the market, from more traditional designs to those featuring a snow pusher blade, there’s a lot that you’ll need to consider before buying if you want to find the best snow shovel for your needs.

Top 3 picks for Snow Shovels

How to find the right snow shovel

Snow shovels are quite different from regular ones, both in the shape of the shovel blade and the type of metal used for it (with snow shovels generally using a more flexible alloy). This makes them more suitable for snow clearance, and overall makes the job simpler for the user.

If you’re looking into buying a new shovel, you may notice that there’s more to think about when choosing a specific brand or model than simply shoveling snow. While you could simply buy the first one you see and put it to work, it’s often a far better idea to take the time to consider some of the best snow shovels available and what they have to offer.

From the type of blade to an ergonomic design on the grip handle; there are a wide variety of factors that need to be taken into account when purchasing a quality product if you want to find the best snow shovels around.

These types of things can make a difference in how much strain they put on your back and arm muscles, how easy it is to deal with packed snow and ice, whether you push or scoop, and so much more. Fortunately for you, we’re here to help. If you have a bad back we recommend to see our snow blowers.

Top 5 snow shovels on the market:

There might be a plethora of options out there, but we’ve searched through the market to find a few that we think you’re going to want to consider purchasing. Here 5 of the best snow shovels available right now:


There are a number of things to love about this shovel from Snow Joe, which is one of the main reasons why it’s our top pick. One key feature to consider is that the blade is 18 inches wide, a size perfect for grabbing large volumes of snow without being too big. Not only that, but it’s also secured with a heavy-duty aluminum wear strip, ensuring that your shovel won’t be coming apart any time soon (saving the hassle of taking it back and getting a refund).

Here are a couple of benefits that you may want to keep in mind if you’re still unsure whether or not this piece of equipment is right for you:

  • An ergonomic design improves posture and helps to generally reduce strain on the lower back. With ergonomic D-ring handle grips for added comfort and control
  • A spring-loaded handle, making it easier to quickly and easily throw snow and continue shoveling (which again, is great for the back)
  • The blade is 18 inches wide and made from polypropylene, protected by a wear strip
  • Great value for money

When it comes to the downsides, some customers find that they struggle to use the extra handle when shoveling snow, but those who figure out how to use it properly often find it to be a great benefit. It is comfortable to use and can take on multiple inches of snow, which is perfect for a larger clearance job.

All in all, this 18-inch ergonomic shovel is a great buy.

2. True Temper Ergonomic Mountain Mover Snow Shovel

Whether you want to push or shove snow, this is one of the best products for the job, thanks to the design of the combination blade. Essentially, the front end allows you to push snow and slush out of the way with ease, while you have the ability to use the back end to scoop snow and toss it away. Here are a few of the features of this traditional shovel from True Temper that you might want to consider:

  • 18 inch wide, combination blade for easy and efficient snow shoveling (which puts less strain on your arms and back)
  • The True Temper 18 inch blade features a nylon wear strip, helping to keep the blade functional for longer, as well as protecting the ground on the areas where you’re shoveling
  • The grip on the handle is much larger than usual to accommodate for gloves (which you should certainly be wearing if you’re out clearing snow in the cold weather)

It might be worth keeping in mind that the shovel blade is made of plastic, so it’s generally better suited to shoveling light snow rather than partially frozen or packed snow – although it should be able to last through tougher clearance jobs. True Temper is an excellent brand to consider if you’re looking for quality snow shoveling gear, and this particular tool is the best overall shovel.

3. Bully Tools Combination Snow Shovel

Made in the US, this durable, commercial-grade 22-inch snow shovel is one that you’re sure to want to look into buying if you need a tool that you can rely on for clearing large areas. Plus, with a limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured that you’ll have some time to get your money back if you’re not satisfied. Here are some of the features and benefits of this traditional shovel:

  • It has a high-strength, fiberglass handle
  • The shovel blade itself is made with reinforced polypropylene in a scoop design, perfect for easy snow clearance. As a combination blade, it’s great for shoveling and pushing snow
  • The long handle offers more control and power, which makes snow removal easier. It also helps with reducing the strain on the user’s back muscles

Before buying, you may also want to consider that the 22-inch snow shovel doesn’t have a steel wear strip, which could be a bit of a bother later on. Overall, it’s best for dealing with heavy snow and ice, it’s easy on the back, and perfect for individuals who want a traditional snow shovel that can get the job done.

4. Ohuhu Wheeled Snow Shovel

If you’re looking for the best snow pusher on the market (a heavy-duty tool that you can easily wheel around to clear out large areas), it might be worth checking out this model from Ohuhu. Offering a variety of great features, alongside strength and durability, it’s certainly a great choice and well worth its spot on this list of the best snow shovels. 3 different points to keep in mind include:

  • 2 large, commercial-grade wheels
  • Adjustable t-shaped handle
  • A large, adjustable concave blade

This wheeled snow pusher does require a bit of assembly, which may prove to be challenging for some individuals, even with the instructions included (particularly because it uses European symbols for diameter, which may be confusing to US citizens).

All in all, it’s an excellent choice and easily one of the best-wheeled snow pushers. It’s fantastic for clearing heavy loads of snow and ice, and the fact that you can push it along without having to bend down frequently is incredibly strain reducing, which is well worth keeping in mind if you have back issues.

5. Suncast Telescoping Auto Shovel

If you’re interested in a snow shovel with an adjustable handle, Suncast has you covered with one of the best telescoping shovels on the market. Collapsible down to a small size, it’s perfect if you need to take it with you on a drive. The button-lock slider makes it easy to extend too and keeps it in place while you’re taking care of the snow-clearing work you’ve got to do. Here are a couple of things to consider about this great shovel if you’re interested in buying:

  • Telescopic reach can go from 30 to 38 inches
  • The graphite handle resists snow-stick
  • Both the d-grip handle and shaft are cushioned with foam to make usage more comfortable

With a 13 inch blade, it’s not the widest option available on the market, which can be a downside for some jobs. However, the fact that it’s easy to use, lightweight, and has an easily extendable handle makes it a great choice for a wide variety of purposes. The fact that it is light makes it perfect for those that don’t want to put too much strain on their arms and back while working, which is well worth keeping in mind.

Here are some more of the best snow shovels:

Whether you want a wider blade, something that reduces back strain, or you simply want to look into a few of the other options out there, we’d encourage you to take a look into some of these great shovels too:

  • Hopkins-Hoppy Shovel Auto Emergency
  • FALDAA Snow Shovel
  • Garant 24 inch Sleigh Shovel
  • Man Plow Snow Shovel Revolution Line
  • Snowcaster 36 Inch Snow Pusher

What’s the best snow shovel on the market?

Of all the ones mentioned above, you may be wondering which is the best. However, this can generally depend on a variety of different factors relating to your unique situation. For example, some individuals may find the True Temper Ergonomic Mountain Mover Snow Shovel to be the best choice for its combination blade and ergonomic handle, while others may be more inclined to buy the Snow Joe SHOVELUTION for its spring-loaded shovel and price.

One of the main reasons why the Snow Joe and True Temper18 inch ergonomic snow shovels made their way into the top 5 is because of the features that they offer. Whether you want something to reduce back strain or simply a good wear strip (be it nylon wear strip or a steel one), there are plenty of different things to consider when trying to find the right shovel for your needs.

If none of those have a big enough blade, you could pick a tool like the Garant 24 Inch Sleigh Shovel or even the Snowcaster 36 Inch Snow Pusher. Both of these have an incredibly wide blade that could be ideal for a multitude of tasks – although it’s worth noting that it might be trickier to handle such a wide piece of equipment manually.

Different kinds of snow shovels

These are some excellent examples of snow shovels that you should consider looking into before deciding which one to buy. However, it could also be a good idea to learn a little more about your different options when it comes to the types of shovels that are available.

This could help you to better determine what the best snow shovels for your needs are, and make the whole process much easier. To help you out with your decision, here’s a quick description of the 3 main types that you’ll come across when shopping: traditional snow shovels wheeled snow pushers and combination snow shovels.

⦁ Traditional snow shovel

In general, if you’re looking for a snow shovel this is the type you’ll often envision – and will likely have seen the most during your search – due to its popularity and tried and true design. In most instances, this is the snow shovel that will be most suitable for your needs, unless you have a more unique task at hand.

These have a standard shovel blade design, typically rectangular in shape with an angled rib pattern, and are made out of plastic or metal (with those made of metals generally being far more durable and long-lasting; ideal for heavy snow). Most of the time, the blade will be around the18 inch mark, although there are many options for wider blades, too. Typically, it’s easier to handle ones that are moderately sized, but larger models can help to move bigger amounts of the snow faster.

For an ordinary snow clearance task and the easiest shoveling experience, these are often the best choice. You simply can’t go wrong with a design that has proven effective for countless years.

⦁ Push snow shovel

Also commonly known as a snow pusher, these pieces of equipment can be excellent for quickly and easily removing snow from any area. These work differently from ordinary shovels due to the shape of the blade – which is more of a scoop, as opposed to the typical rectangular form. Allowing you to simply push the snow, can be a lot easier in some ways than having to lift and toss snow away.

These can make a huge difference to how you clear pathways, and although you’ll still need manual power to be able to push, it can often be far less demanding. Thanks to this, they can often be easier on your back than the standard shovel, which is especially useful for individuals with back issues, and well worth looking into if you’d rather put less strain on yourself whenever it snows.

One of the main drawbacks of using a snow pusher is that when you’re dealing with incredibly packed or partially frozen snow, it’s much harder to push around. The best solution is to break it up first, and then clear it away.

⦁ Combination snow shovel

If you’re looking for a shovel that can be used to both push and scoop, it might be worth looking into getting a combination snow shovel. Typically, these are similar to regular ones, but with a blade that’s shaped in a way that makes it useful for pushing snow as well as scooping it. Being able to have both types of methods available to you at the same time can be an excellent way to quickly and easily move snow.

⦁ Other types of snow shovels

Aside from these 3 options, there are also some other shovels that could be beneficial for your needs. From a different shaped blade to features that make the job easier in certain instances; there’s a lot to consider. Here are a few other types that you may want to keep in mind while buying:

  • Wheeled snow pusher
  • Snow sleigh shovel
  • Snow scoop shovel

Why a good snow shovel can be a great investment

In some instances, going to a local shop and picking up the cheapest shovel they have in stock might seem like the best idea. Even though countless people actually do this every day, there are several reasons why it can be so much better to make the effort to research your options and come to a more educated decision.

For one, they’re not all made equal – and to find the best snow shovel out there, you may need to be aware of a few of the pros and cons that different products offer. Not only that, but since some are made with different materials, and come in varying shapes, sizes, etc. there are models that will undoubtedly suit some uses and not others.

How to choose the best snow shovel

With this in mind, you might be wondering what you should look out for when buying one of these kinds of tools – and the good news is that there are plenty of things that can help you to find the best snow pusher or shovel.

The grip on the handle for example is an important point to acknowledge. A good quality shovel should offer a secure grasp, making it easier and more comfortable to work with and control. While the material of the grip can be crucial, so can the type of grip. There are 3 main options, each of which can make a difference to your experience when shoveling snow, so it’s often best to take into account each type of grip handle carefully. Remember:

  • D-grips are often heavy, bulky, and easy to use with gloves and mittens
  • L-grips are often more lightweight and thinner
  • T-grips are often lightweight and gripped between the fingers

You should also think about the length of the handle. In most cases, it has to be long enough to help avoid putting a strain on your back, but it’s also good to remember not to go for something that will prove to be too long. Due to the fact that telescoping handles can be adjusted to the preferred size, these can be an excellent choice.

There’s also the size of the blade – which is another crucial factor to recognize when buying. For example, larger blades are easier for moving snow faster, although they tend to require much more effort. On the other hand, smaller blades take less effort to use, but it will take longer to clear the same amount of snow.

It might be worth looking out for a steel wear strip, since these can have an impact on the functionality of the shovel, too. Typically, these help to extend the life of the blade and prevent it from breaking or coming away from the handle, so they can be quite an essential design characteristic. These can also be made from aluminum, nylon, and plastic.

Think about ergonomics when choosing your snow shovel

While there are other attributes to contemplate, one that is certainly worth mentioning and looking into in greater detail is ergonomics. After all, shoveling large amounts of snow can be quite straining on your muscles (especially those in the arms and back) if the tool you use isn’t designed for specialist needs.

The term ergonomic defines whether something is designed for efficiency and comfort in the working environment. In the case of snow shovels, it’s not hard to see why this can be so important. Whether you need something that offers a good grip while wearing gloves or something that can help to reduce back strain, the finer details will inevitably play a part.

Ergonomic shafts

Both comfort and functionality come under ergonomic features, and there are a wide variety of components and design choices that can make something more appropriate for use. This is especially true with snow shovel shafts since there are a lot of things that can help to make them both more efficient and comfortable for the user. Some good examples of an ergonomic snow shovel include:

  • Adjustable shafts
  • An angle or bend along with the handle
  • A second handle grip halfway down
  • Cushioned, angled, and roomy handle grips
  • Thicker grips designed to be used with gloves
  • Suitable materials
  • Telescoping handle snow shovel

It’s also worth looking a little closer into telescopic handles and their overall convenience– simply because of how beneficial they can prove to be when compared to snow shovels that don’t have the same functionality. From being better for travel and storage to being more suitable for short and tall people to use, it’s quite obvious that these are an excellent example of an ergonomically designed shovel.

⦁ Manual push shovels

Even the standard, manual push shovel can have a number of ergonomically-designed features that make it easier to use – and all this can be important to consider when buying a quality, traditional snow shovel.

A curved or bent handle for example can help to lessen back and arm strain. Such a simple change could make a world of difference when clearing out snow. With all this in mind, it’s plain to see why an ergonomic shovel can be far more effective at its job and be far better for your back, even if it has a more traditional design.

The material of the blade and handle

The types of material used can be just as crucial as handle design on an ergonomic shovel, which is why you should take some time to research what to look out for in a blade or handle material. There are so many options to choose from, whether it’s a galvanized steel handle or even a plastic one with a steel core. The same goes for the blade, which could come in a variety of metals and plastics.

While this can often depend on circumstances and the job at hand, many people prefer to have a quality metal for the handle (perhaps an aluminum or galvanized steel handle), but you could easily go for a wood, plastic, or fiberglass handle instead. Plastic and fiberglass can often be lighter, which is why they can be popular choices, while wood can be more durable.

When it comes to the head of the shovel, it might be worth getting a plastic or aluminum blade. Typically, while steel can be stronger, these two materials are often more lightweight and make it easier to lift and toss snow (which reduces back strain). In general, a good quality plastic or aluminum blade can be strong too, making them great both in terms of weight and strength. This can be especially useful for those with back issues (or anyone who wants to reduce strain on their arms and back).

Choosing the best shovel for your needs

Hopefully, the above information should give you a good idea of what you should be looking out for. Whether it’s an 18-inch blade, something that can help to reduce strain on your back, or a shovel best suited for dealing with heavy snow; there’s bound to be something that’s just right for your needs. Even if you simply want a traditional shovel and not anything too unique, it’s still well worth looking out for something that fits your requirements, as well as ergonomic standards.