Best Tub Shower Faucet of 2021

Without a tub shower faucet, your shower area is an empty space. This what makes a shower faucet an inevitable shower area appliance and the demand for this best shower faucet continues to become universal.

For sure, you’ll agree that a refreshing shower is one of the best ways to jump-start your day. However, the last thing you want to experience is shivering under a drip of water due to a shower faucet malfunction.

If you do not want to experience any issue every time you step into your shower area, then investing in a high-quality shower faucet is a smart decision.

Fortunately, we searched and reviewed the best shower faucets on the market that can give you a perfect start. We also prepared a buying guide and frequently asked questions section to help you pick the best shower faucets for your needs, be it stainless steel, Venetian bronze finish, or brushed nickel. We give you everything you need.

So, let’s start with these best shower faucets reviews!

Key Points When Buying the Best Tub Shower Faucets

Before you settle on a particular shower faucet style or brand, you may want to take a look at the product buying considerations. That is to ensure that you’ll get the best shower faucet that suits both your bathroom and lifestyle, everything you need.

Below is a list of the things you may want to consider before you buy the best shower faucet.

Type of Shower Faucet

You can find different types of shower faucets on the market. Shower faucet types differ from each other according to their controls. You can choose from panels, traditional two-top mixers, and single-tap mixer shower faucets.

· Panel

Panel shower faucets feature a vertical panel alongside plumbing connections that you can often run to different body sprayers. These include a bathtub faucet, handheld shower faucet, and overhead shower faucet.

These shower faucets are new options available for home renovations and cost more compared to other types. Mind that this type of shower faucet is not suitable for homes with lower water pressure.

· Traditional Two-Tap Mixer

One of the most preferred shower faucet mixers, a traditional two-tap mixer uses two separate levers intended for hot and cold water. If you choose this shower faucet style, be aware that before water mixes, hot and cold water should enter first the pipe to the handheld showerhead.

· Single-Tap Mixer

Most homes and hotels install the best single-tap mixer shower faucets. This type of shower faucet comes with a single clever, which is necessary for balancing the hot and cold water input and the flow rate.

Single-tap shower faucets have an alternative style that uses separate levels for water temperature mixing and flow rate control. The alternative style allows the faucet set to draw both hot and water into the mixer. Then, it will bring levels up or down based on the predetermined water temperature before the water flows out of the handheld showerhead.

Shower Space

How big is your shower space? Do you have a small shower space? Before you buy the best shower faucet set, make sure to measure your bathroom and shower size. Ensure to include the tub dimensions if your bathroom comes with a mixed shower and bath.

When you take these measurements, you can properly plan the required shower walls’ faceplate space, pipe length for the desired layout, and shower faucet set style. Several smaller faucet showers, like with a combined rain and handheld showerhead, may cause some difficulties during the single function shower heads or multiple sprayers installation processes.

Flow Rate

Flow rate refers to the water volume coming out of the faucet. Most of the time, it is measured in gallons per minute (GPM).

When the spray fails to reach you adequately or when there’s an inconsistent stream, it may be caused by a low shower flow rate. If you want to prevent reducing the water pressure, go for show faucets with a minimum flow rate of one gallon per minute. However, it is better to get a shower faucet set that delivers a higher flow rate, which is between 1.5 and 2.5 gallons per minute.

You may also encounter several shower faucets with water flow exceeding 2.5 gallons per minute. However, be aware that a heavier flow rate is not ideal if you want to save money from your monthly water bill.


When considering or matching the bathroom’s overall design, you may need to take a look at the shower faucet set material. While the metals’ durability varies, their functional differences are not great enough to consider heavily into which shower faucet set you want to buy.

Polished chrome finish, brushed nickel finish, and basic stainless steel finish are some of the most common materials for shower faucet sets. These materials offer a timeless aesthetic to your bathroom decor.

In case you want a more stylish option to make your bathroom stand out, you can go for a bronze, brass, or brushed nickel shower faucet. If you prefer low maintenance, you can pick a matte black finish as it can hide fingerprints and dirt.

Once you are done choosing the base material, your next job is to decide between a brushed or polished finish. For minimal cleaning, you may want to consider a brushed nickel finish. A polished chrome finish may have a beautiful look, but dirt, water spots, or fingerprints build up quickly.

Lever Placement

The lever of a shower faucet can be installed off to one side or in the center of a shower. If you have more than one lever, you may go for multiple configurations. The lever placement depends on the shower’s size, pipe placement behind the wall, and piping relocation’s amount of work.

Number of Handles

Make sure to decide about the shower faucet system’s complexity. If you are not comfortable with the new configurations, you may stick with what you already know.

If you choose single-tap mixer shower faucets, you can expect an adjustable flow rate and water temperature in one handle. On the other hand, this style may come with a dedicated flow rate. Meaning, it may have a second handle intended for controlling the water temperature.

For traditional two-tap mixer shower faucets, there are two handles; one for hot water and one for cold water. If your shower uses this style, switching to a single-handle system may be difficult. This is especially if you need to patch the hole left through second handle removal.

If you install panel shower faucets, they use multiple switches and handle for direct water flow to the desired shower heads, tub faucet, or sprayer. This style delivers shower system customization, but expect control complexity if you are used to a simpler shower faucet.

Shower Faucet Sets

If you want to avoid out-of-place looking components, it is ideal to buy a shower faucet set. The kit often includes controls, a faucet, and a single-function handheld showerhead. You may find several sets that offer more parts, depending on the price range. For more high-end shower faucet sets, you may get hand showers and additional nozzles.

Make sure that the shower faucet set you choose is compatible with your household pipes. Many prominent brands offer standard-sized components. In case you are not sure, you may check it with a professional plumber to avoid costly mistakes.

Type of Shower Head

When it comes to handheld showerhead type, you have some options to choose from. These include rainfall, multi-choice, multi-spray jets, and electronic showers.

· Rainfall

With a rain shower head, you can find the fixture at some distance over the head. That is to provide a showering experience in the rain. While the rainfall shower head is a bit wider, the hard water pressure is often low. A rain shower head offers a gentle pour effect that sends water from your head down to your feet. Make sure to choose the one that offers easy to control water pressure.

·  Multi-Choice

This type comes with multiple water showerheads. You can switch them according to the experience you want to get.

· Multi Spray Jets

High-end models of multi-spray jets are fitted with both the shower and spray heads. Meaning, you can enjoy a varying hard water streams experience on your body. Besides, this showerhead type has the same price as a single shower head faucet.

·  Electronic Showers

Electronic showers are designed with Bluetooth speakers and LED lights for a more refreshing feeling. This water shower head type is often powered by the hard water flowing through the shower faucet.

Installation Process

Will you do the water shower faucet installation or hire someone else to do it? Once you answered this question, you may have an idea of which shower faucet you should get.

For instance, people who do DIY projects know some basic plumbing. When they replace your traditional two-tap mixer, product selection may be limited. However, when you hire a professional plumber, you can choose from current shower configuration options.

Several water shower faucets are easier to install, while others are more difficult to install. If you want to install a shower faucet but you only have little plumbing experience, it’s an excellent idea to get a shower faucet with a user guide.

Shower Configurations

Another thing to take into consideration when buying a shower faucet is the configuration. Make sure to check what shower configurations at home you have.

· Shower-Only

With shower-only configuration, you have a controller and showerhead. Some water shower faucet sets come with a thermostatic rough-in valve option.

· Tub-Only

If you have a water tub-only configuration, three main setups are available: deck mount, freestanding or floor mount, and wall mount.

In-deck mount handles, and shower faucet is either mounted to a surrounding deck or the rim of the tub. As for the freestanding or floor mount, the water faucets deliver a luxurious look to your bathroom and ideal for tubs with no pre-drilled, clean spray holes.

With a wall mount setup, the water handle and faucet are both mounted to the wall. So, all pipes and supply lines are invisible. If your water tub is close to the wall, this setup is a good option.

· Tub and Shower Combo

Many homeowners prefer a tub and shower combo for their main bathroom. This configuration needs a tub filler and a shower head. It also has one or two handles for controlling the hard water temperature and pressure. You may also find a lever, which is necessary for changing the water tub faucet and showerhead.

Our Top Picks

With so many shower faucet options on the market, choosing the best shower faucets for your needs can be a tough job. To ease your frustrations, we give you the following best shower faucets that we have thoroughly researched and reviewed.

1. Delta Faucet 50570

Delta Faucet 50570 is a square wall elbow shower faucet that offers a stylish look for a custom shower. With its matte black color, this handheld shower faucet creates a stunning statement in your bathroom. It even matches existing soft rubber spray holes and tub spout.

This best shower faucet promotes sophisticated air while matches most of your bathroom accents and fixtures. Whether you have a transitional or traditional space, Delta Faucet 50570 complements your space. This best shower faucet also matches warm neutrals, from cast to akin iron.

In case matte black is not your thing, there are other finish options to choose from. You can pick from chrome, champagne bronze, black stainless, brushed nickel, Venetian bronze, and stainless steel.

With this best shower faucet set, you can create a pampering place where showerheads and body spray work in perfect harmony. This best shower faucet reflects your personal, unique style. So, getting ready in the morning can be far from your usual routine.

Getting this best handheld shower faucet will help you personalize your shower experience with rain can showerheads, body jets, body sprays, and hand showers. Besides, you can confidently install this handheld shower faucet since the manufacturer backs this product with a lifetime limited warranty.


· Square design for a stylish and modern look, from polished chrome to brushed nickel

· Complement most other accents and fixtures

· Matches transitional or traditional spaces

· Solid brass construction

· Limited time faucet and finish warranty

· 90-degree wall elbow


· Installation is a bit challenging for some

· Expensive

2. Delta Faucet Wall-Mount Supply Wall Elbow

If you are looking for the best wall mounted shower faucet for your handheld showerhead, you can go for Delta Faucet Wall-Mount Supply Wall Elbow. Aside from chrome finish, you can from other finishes such as polished brass, Venetian bronze, champagne bronze, matte black, polished nickel, and stainless steel.

This best touch clean delta faucet comes with a wide array of lines and chrome finishes. This best shower set for wall mount handheld showers is a great addition to your bathroom. Constructed from brass, this wall mounted shower faucet perfectly complements a wall-mount hand shower and is easy to install.

This wall-mounted shower system from Delta’s Traditional Collection is designed to match everyone’s busy home with a bathroom that is bustled with lots of activity. While this touch clean shower faucet looks clean and understated classic, it is hard-working as expected in any Delta shower faucet.

Although this wall mounted shower faucet set is constructed to endure tough use, it can still perform its function beautifully and efficiently day after day. If your shower supply elbow is close to the spot you will install this wall mounted shower faucet, the entire installation process would be easy. Besides, it matches your current soft rubber spray holes and even tub spout.

Meanwhile, if your shower set comes with mix-and-match fixtures, Delta touch clean faucet might be the closest match for what you wanted in your handheld shower through its Vero wall mount.

This strong and all-metal will let you relocate your new shower head holder to a wall’s more functional spot. With the right tools, you can install this wall mounted shower faucet with ease. The only difficult part of the touch clean faucet installation may be the initial tightening attempt, which can cause the plastic wall seal to turn off its base. To ease this issue, you can lightly glue the seat to the base before the installation.

  • The personal shower wall supply
  • Ideal for wall mount hand held shower
  • 90-degree wall elbow
  • Perfect for new construction installation or replacement
  • Easy installation
  • Matches current tub spout and clean spray holes
  • All-metal and strong
  • Lifetime limited warranty on faucet and finish
  • Good finish and clean lines

· Distance to the wall is not adjustable

· Requires minor adjustments

3. ESNBIA Shower Faucet Set

ESNBIA Shower Faucet Set comes with three-setting handheld rain shower head: light mist, power rain, and power rain+massage. With the 59-inch stainless steel shower hose, it’s a lot easier for you to take out your handheld shower head from its holder. You can also expect suitable shower angles, thanks to its easy to adjust the shower seat. Besides, you have no problem with the tub spout and other fixtures.

This shower faucet combo set with shower trim is designed with pressure-balanced rough in the valve to prevent any scalding injury while providing protection to the shower. In order to make your shower more secure, CUPC-certified mixing rough in valve cartridges were included.

With the pressure balance rough-in valve, you can easily adjust the hot and cold water flow rate. Meaning, you can adjust the hard water pressure based on your needs. In case you want to replace the rough-in valve cartridge, just close the setting. You can replace it without the need to turn off the main switch.

If you prefer a shower faucet combo set that comes with a single-handle design, ESNBIA Shower Faucet Set and shower trim are for you. With this handle design, controlling the hard water flow and the temperature is much easier.

This high quality, single handle shower faucet and shower trim come with an adjustable shower arm mount. So, you can rotate the shower holder up to 360 degrees and find a perfect handheld shower angle. The 6-inch brass shower arm is known for its sturdiness and long-lasting service. The brushed nickel finish has resistance to corrosion and offers a beautiful and stunning look. Besides, you can choose from other colors, such as matte black and oil rubbed bronze. However, the brushed nickel is one of the favorites.

For high-quality shower faucet sets, you can go for ESNBIA Shower Faucet Set and shower trim. Whether you want to remodel or construct a new shower bathroom and want a matte black, brushed nickel, or oil-rubbed bronze, this item is very affordable. Plus, rest assured that the different shower head settings work efficiently.


· Three shower head settings

· Easy to adjust shower seat and water temperature

· 59-inch stainless steel shower hose

· Adjustable hot and cold water flow rate

· Brass valve body

· Pressure-balanced valve cartridge

· Oil rubbed bronze finish can resist tarnishing, corrosion, and scratches

· Elegant 1-piece curved handles

· Very affordable


· Water pressure could have been more

Alternative Shower Faucet Set Option

We have also provided you an alternative option in case the above shower faucets did not match your requirements.

SR SUN RISE SRSH-F5043 Bathroom Luxury Rain Mixer Combo

Do you want to experience a full rainfall shower? Amazon com SR SUN RISE Luxury Rain Mixer Set is for if you want to experience the versatility of both handheld spray and rainfall showerhead. This contemporary shower system with single function rainfall showerhead offers a few finishes, including chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, and oil rubbed bronze.

This luxury shower set with a rainfall showerhead lets you recreate a spa-like experience in the comfort of your home. Inside the box, you will get a stainless steel shower head, stainless steel shower hose, brass shower bracket holder, brass shower arm, and brass handheld shower head.

You may love this shower system that you can purchase from amazon com for your shower space as it gives a larger handheld sprayer and handheld showerhead. You have the option to use the handheld sprayer only to wash your body or take a full rainfall shower for a relaxing feeling and soaking both your hair and body.

One of the best things about the SR SUN RISE Luxury Rain Mixer Set with rainfall showerhead is that it is easy to clean. All you need to do is to wipe the silicone nozzle with a clean cloth or your hand. After that, rinse them using the full-body spray. Not only that, you have no problem matching it to the existing tub spout.

A pressure balance valve cartridge is constructed within the shower system, which is necessary for balancing the water temperature. This feature also prevents any water temperature changes. Since SR SUN RISE Luxury Rain Mixer Set is wall-mounted, you do not have to call a professional plumber to install the shower system.

The high pressure technology that SR SUN RISE Luxury Rain Mixer Set provides is one of the reasons for a relaxing and soothing rain shower experience. This high-pressure technology provides a consistent, powerful rain shower under low water pressure. The full body spray comes with high pressure, has a 10-layer chrome-plated finish for a sleek look, and provides durability and corrosion resistance. It is available on amazon com.

  • Easy to clean and sleek design
  • Larger shower head
  • Has handheld full body sprayer and rainfall showerhead
  • Three different finishes options
  • Matches different bathroom shower fixtures
  • A little bit expensive

Frequently Asked Questions

Before you get a new shower set, it’s an excellent idea to take a look at the following most commonly asked questions. We provide the best possible answers to them.

Q: How do I choose a tub and shower faucet?

When you choose a tub and shower faucet, make sure to consider several factors, such as shower valves, water pressure, configurations, and accessories. For a new shower faucet, ensure to match it with your bathroom shower space. If you are considering bathroom renovations, make sure to take a look at your bathroom decor, finish, and other fixtures.

Q: Who makes the best quality bathroom fixtures?

You may find lots of brands to choose from when it comes to the best quality bathroom fixtures. However, Delta Faucet is one of the brands that stand out. This well-known brand produces high-quality fixtures, from sink faucets to tubs and showers. The brand is known for delivering top-notch quality and practical features.

Q: What height should the faucet be for a tub shower combination?

In installing a shower faucet in your tub and shower combination, the unit is often placed low, which is about 12 to 18 inches above the bathtub rim. As for the tub spout, it is often located four inches above the tub rim.

Q: How long should I expect my shower faucet to last

A tub and shower faucet is expected to last between 15 to 20 years. However, the lifespan of your faucet depends on several factors, such as hardness of water, frequency of maintenance and cleaning, brand, and frequency of use.


Finding the best shower faucets for your bathroom can be a challenging task. However, as long as you know what your needs are, it’s a lot easier to choose the best one for you. With the product reviews above, we hope you already have ideas of which shower faucet fits your bathroom and budget perfectly.

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Have a great shower experience!